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Authors: Zoran and Milica Gruicic
157 pages
21 x 15 cm
Novi Sad, Jul 2007


The book that is before you is a continuation of the previous five: “World of Energies”, “Maturing of Consciousness”, “Healing with Energies”, “Mature Consciousness” and “Being”. These books represent our attempt to relay the results of many years of researching and systematically gathering the knowledge in our search for the essence of man as well as the purpose of human existence. But also they represent our quest for developing new ways to realize, or rather actualize it.

This book's contents are comprised of adaptations of texts, which we have originally prepared for and used in lectures held from 2005 – 2007. Our intention was to enable the reader to have a closer encounter with our particular approach and thus to make our findings on the subject of human essence more easily accessible, as well as to make up for some of the inevitable omissions made during the lectures.

The book is made up of nine chapters:

- First chapter – speaks of god-seekers, pointing out that all people, in their essence, are exactly that.

- Second chapter – the largest of the nine, reflects on goals, approaches, flow and recommendations for meditation.

- Third chapter – refers to the role of a teacher and to the relationship teacher-pupil.

- Fourth chapter – speaks of concepts such as “Consciousness” and “awareness”.

- Fifth chapter – explores a role of the mind, as the carrier of life.

- Sixth chapter – contains an explanation of the concept of Present Moment, as being the link between God and manifestation.

- Seventh chapter – speaks of connectedness, love and awareness.

- Eighth chapter – examines the notion of death and how to “overcome” it.

- Ninth chapter – reflects and sums up the previous eight while at the same time pointing to Infinite Existence as man's preliminary state.

We wish to express our gratitude to our friends, associates, students and all the meditation practitioners who have contributed toward this book reaching a wider audience of those keen on finding out what it has to offer.


“Why is it difficult to find God? Because you are seeking that, which you have never lost.”

Sparks of Meher Baba, IP ISOTERIA, Belgrade, 1996, pg.



1.1. Types of God-seeking
1.2. Primary potential
1.3. Goal (purpose) of God-seeking
1.4. Elements of God-seeking


2.1. Goal of meditation
2.2. Approach to meditation
2.2.1. Exploration
2.2.2. Letting go (surrendering)
2.2.3. Meditation technique
2.3. Flow of meditation
2.3.1. Cleansing
2.3.2. Awakening
2.3.3. Unifying
2.4. Recommendations for meditation
2.5. Application of meditation (experiences of practitioners)  


3.1. Basic characteristics of a teacher
3.2. Role of a teacher
3.2.1. Directing the mind
3.2.2. Calming and withdrawing the mind
3.2.3. Transformation of the mind
3.3. Recognising the teacher
3.4. “Exceptional persons”  


4.1. Concept of Consciousness
4.2. Origin of Consciousness
4.3. Identity and conditions for awareness
4.4. Awareness of self
4.5. Forms of awareness
4.6. Path of awareness 


5.1. Emergence of life
5.2. Mind as the carrier of life
5.3. Mind – Life energy, breathing, body
5.4. Pulse of life
5.5. Observing-witnessing
5.6. Game of life
5.7. “Life situation”  


6.1. Concept of Present Moment
6.2. Source of Present Moment
6.3. Content of Present Moment
6.4. Path to Present Moment
6.5. Spontaneity of p resent m oment  


7.1. Love: the concept
7.2. Awareness and Love
7.3. The contents of Love
7.4. Manifestation of Love
7.5. Mutual expression of Love
7.6. Love and fear
7.7. Meditations 

8. ON DEATH…  

8.1. Perception of death
8.2. “Overcoming” death  


9.1. Exploration
9.2. Total awareness
9.3. Timeless Existence


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