Mature Consciousness is that, which has completed the process of individualisation (self-realisation, self-awareness, self-recognition…). The path of individualisation of Consciousness, or rather of its maturing, ends in infinite individuality.

This means:

-          That it has awakened Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Existence and Infinite Creation, or in more direct terms that it simply is all that;

-          That it has at its disposal Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Love and Infinite Power, or rather that it is all these;

-          The ability of individual Consciousness to be omni-present, or rather that it has awakened the principle of absolute movement as being an illusion;

-          Awareness of non-dimensionality as an expression of the principle of absolute movement and of the dimension of individual movement as being a mere segment in time and space;

-          self-awarenessoutside matter, Energies and Vibrations.


In general terms, Mature individual Consciousness has realised God as the (only) Reality, and all else as non-Reality, i.e. as an illusion. 





These processes are:


a) physical transformation –which assumes the awareness of the relationship Consciousness - mind - physical body, as well as bringing that relationship to an optimal level. At the root of this process is awareness of the senses, which includes the brain as a synthetic organ of the mind sense, and hence the control over physical processes. This relationship can be presented as follows:


Consciousness – Vibration – Energy - matter


b) mental transformation – which assumes awakening of the mind, as well as of other vibrational-energetic structures, primarily the Soul, the aura and the Light body. This means bringing man’s vibrational-energetic processes under direct control of Consciousness. It can be represented in the following way:


Consciousness – Vibration – Energy


c) spiritual transformation – which represents the awakening the Divine process in oneself and realising God within oneself. It ends in being one with God. This can be presented as the following relationship model:


 Consciousness = Consciousness,


 Infinite Consciousness = individual Consciousness.


The processes of transformation are mutually connected in a single whole. This on the other hand does not mean that individual processes do not unfold independently from each other. Physical and mental transformation is not sign of the total, but rather of an optimal transformation. This means that a necessary level has been reached, allowing for the enfoldment of that primary – spiritual transformation.




It is impossible to entirely and accurately describe the spiritual aspects of a person with Mature Consciousness, so we will only point out some of the ways in which these can manifest:

- Such a person has awakened the state of infinite bliss (also known as “nirvana”), which they have reached by going beyond sensory experiences.

- They continually create and radiate a blissful atmosphere, which can come across as a sense of being relaxed and calm when spending time near such a person, but also when one is simply thinking about such an individual without being anywhere near them.

- Love they express is the same towards all, since in each person they recognise one and the same thing – God within.

- Sees all beings in themselves and themselves in all. That means they have awakened the Divine process in themselves and in everyone else, and the same applies to the divine omni-presence in all things.

- They experience happiness through the happiness of others, which means that they radiate Vibrations of Love, and because they recognise that the only thing worth the effort is what is done for the benefit of another, they are as receptive as they themselves are generous towards other’s acts of generosity and kindness towards them.

- The wisdom they possess derives from their infinite goodness.

- Such a person has no duty, they simply exist.

- They see the essence in all processes on the level of matter-Energy-Vibration-Consciousness, which means movement in stillness and stillness in movement (“activity within inertia and inertia within activity”).

- They are fully aware of the beginning and an end of Infinite Creation, Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Existence.

- They never succumb to sloth since they are constantly aware that as long as there is the limitation of the physical form (the body), the state of activity is inevitable. And since “every type of activity contains in itself some sort of imperfection”, it is not possible to speak of any performance as perfect, because as it is, it can never reach 100%.

- Through their very existence they express views and arguments, which are based on their own conduct and experience. They are fully aware that transfer of Knowledge through one’s presence is incomparably more significant than any attempt of communicating Knowledge verbally, dynamically (through movement), visually (images), etc.

- This person is free from the conditioning of the world of appearances, since they can distinguish Reality from illusion and are aware that all that happens takes place in the mind only. At the same time they are aware that the very same illusion is the instrument for recognising oneself as Reality.

- They are freed from the eternal cycle of happenings (“the law of cause and effect”). This “law”, which is the origin of the so called law of reincarnation, simply does not apply to them.

- They are freed of “astrological destiny”, because their awakened mind governs all of their psycho-physical processes, so that the Vibrations of such a person are outside the planetary influence.

- They are freed of ”numerological destiny”, which is defined as the “law of numerology”, since such person’s infinity of Consciousness absorbs the finality of “the process within the process”.

- With the person whose Consciousness has fully matured, emotions are rooted in and arise from their original form as universal Vibration - Love, while in others they clearly perceive all the varied emotions and thoughts.

- They know that, which is worth realising, and so they transmit it through their very presence, and that’s that the only Knowledge is – Reality (God), and that all else is ignorance.

- They are aware of the unbreakable link between the process of individualisation of Consciousness and the human nature, which means of the Divine within.

- They are not burdened by the past, nor are they held hostage by the fears and hopes of the future. Instead, they exist in the eternal present.

- They do not analyse nor do they ever plan, because they know that that is the price of freedom. They do not have the illusion of control nor of trying to decipher the mysterious future, which is achieved through planning and programming (by the mind).

- They do not create an illusion of hope in themselves or in others, since they know that hope, filled with Vibrations, obscures one’s awakening to the present moment.

- They express “unlimited individuality”, meaning their awareness of the existence of Oneness with God, but with individual signature in His manifestations.

- They find “reward” in the fact that they have matured; by competing with themselves they continue the path of infinite maturing.

- They have a simultaneous experience of God as something unfathomable by the mind and of themselves as a manifestation perceived by the mind.





In their essence, Mature individual Consciousnesses do not differ, but their individual manifestations do. However, attempting to compare them and determine which is “higher or lower”, “more or less mature” and so establish some sort of hierarchy would be, quite simply, wrong. Equally, any attempt to make a precise definition of the differences in their manifestations is just as impossible. This is why we can only point out to their basic manifesting aspects:

-          aspects of the Saint,

-          aspects of the Perfect Teacher

-          aspects of the Sage,

-          aspects of Avatar (“Divine messenger”).


3.1. Aspects of the Saint


-          adheres to his/hers religious convictions, while entirely respecting all others;

-          differs from other saints since their life and religious experiences are different from his/her own;

-          addresses God through prayer, which activates the whole of the mind (as a figure of speech: “Man acts, and God is an instrument.”);

-          has an awakened mind, which automatically also assumes a full awareness of the religious convictions;

-          goal: he/she awakens others through a direct, personal religious experience.


“The saint acts, but owns nothing.

He perfects, expecting no honours.

He has no desire to appear wise.


True words need not be carefully chosen;

Carefully chosen words need not be true.


Love and hate can not touch him.

To gain and loss he remains impartial.

Praise and dishonour do not affect him.

Hence he is prized by the whole world.”

Lao Tzu



3.2. Aspects of the Perfect Teacher


-          has no religious convictions;

-          has an awakened mind;

-          always appears to his/her pupil when most needed;

-          removes obstacles to self-realisation in others (“dispels the darkness”);

-          tears down the illusion of peace, guiding the pupil on the path of progress through their inner conflict (“facing oneself”);

-          amidst the wealth of life’s possibilities he/she points out those that are in harmony with the pupil’s individual path;

-          goal: to awaken a teacher in each pupil, so that a pupil can eventually surpass the teacher, and to in such a way maintain the process of mutual awakening.


“True teacher guards his pupils from personal influence.”




3.3. Aspects of the Sage


-          has no religious convictions;

-          the mind is muted, and is fully activated only when engaged in communication with others;

-          the Sage’s teaching stems from his/her silence, by which he/she awakens others;

-          he/she is indifferent to life and death, joy and sorrow, good and bad fortune, etc;

-          he/she is agreeable to any type of activity and has renounced the desire for the fruits of  own actions;

-          all Sages are the same;

-          goal: has none, the Sage simply exists.


“Just like a path of an eagle in the sky and the snake on the ground, so invisible is the path of the Sage.”




3.4. Aspects of Avatar


-          embodies in him/herself the aspects of the other three: the Saint, the Perfect Teacher and the Sage;

-          the mind is muted, and is fully activated only when engaged in communication with others;

-          they are their own authority;

-          they react to their own stimulus;

-          God becomes man (as a figure of speech: ”God acts, man is an instrument.”);

-          all Avatars are the same;

-          they usually live in silence, breaking it only when they are directly manifesting God; this consequently speeds up the development of awareness of the whole of humanity;

-          goal: by their very existence they awaken humanity.


“And yet, when humanity becomes deaf to the thunder of His silence, God incarnates as man.”

Meher Baba