Everything a human being needs in order to realise the process of individualisation of Consciousness is already within him, or rather within her. It is present as the spark of the Divine and as a process of self-recognition, immanent to it. And yet, human beings are at the same time the beings of freedom – their free will is unprecedented. If one decides to neglect the Divine spark within oneself, and to exclusively live for and strive towards the material goals, it is one’s right and no one has the authority to impose their own set of values onto such a choice. Man’s destiny is always in one’s own hands, according to one’s own specific characteristics, and that is one of the reasons for there not being any two paths that are the same. [1]

Our intention is not to point out the various paths of individualisation of Consciousness, which includes various meditation techniques, prayers, attention focusing and breathing techniques, special diets, physical exercises and so on, but rather to draw reader’s attention to the two aspects of this inseparable process, that is: the energetic and the spiritual, as well as their mutual inter-relatedness.

The process of individualisation of Consciousness unfolds within the following dimensions:




and it does so as a singular, uninterrupted dynamic flow – from Consciousness to matter and – from matter to Consciousness, as well as through various other mutual flow dynamisms. 

Energetic aspect includes:

-         matter as a condensed Energy,

-         Vibration as elements of Energy. 

Spiritual aspect includes Consciousness, which can not be defined, as it is beyond the conceptualisations of the mind, and awareness as the knowledge of oneself as the subjective, individual and spiritual being that manifests in space and time. 

Imbuing of these two aspects of individualisation is reflected in the principle of enfoldment of all the processes that take place in Consciousness (so to speak), manifesting as: Vibration, Energy and matter. As such they form the instruments for the development of Consciousness. Through the use of these instruments, in time their own limitations get surpassed, and eventually the very instruments themselves get surpassed.

Correct energetic development supposes optimising of energetic processes as well as their reaching such a level, which will enable the optimal spiritual development. This also automatically assumes ignoring the sense of significance commonly attributed to the energetic possibilities such as materialisation, telekinesis, etc. Such processes can present the hindering factors, since often they lead to various states of delusion, due to one’s intoxication with the acquired “energetic powers” [2] . It must be said that they do pose a very strong attraction, and often they are even considered to present a “scientific proof” for the existence of certain energetic categories, as well as the proof that one performing these feats is trustworthy. Patanjali (one of the great sages of ancient India; an author of Yoga Sutras) says about these: 

“These powers that are by a common Consciousness regarded as special perfections, for the one whose sight is set on spiritual growth they only present a disruptive excess baggage,” and

“Not even Buddha encouraged his disciples to master the Siddhis (the perfections) since they can be attained through magical means, which as such do not require one to undergo a spiritual transformation.” [3]

The crucial elements-processes of energetic development (which are also spiritual), and which in themselves contain optimising and mutual harmonising, are: 

-         maturing of the aura,

-         maturing of the Soul and

-         maturing of the Light body.

Spiritual development presents a process of self-awareness (or self-awakening) and of eternal striving towards Oneness. It embraces the increasing awareness of the process of individualisation of Consciousness, which begins with the realisation of the material, Energetic and Vibrational ebbs and flows; from there it continues on through the realisation of the multidimensional nature of individualisation of Consciousness and finally ends with awakening to the Creator within, or rather with oneself as the Creator. 

energetic aspect of development - horizontal development
spiritual aspect of development - vertical development
spiral aspect of development - spiral development

The crucial elements-processes of the spiritual development (which are most certainly also energetic), and which in themselves contain optimising and mutual harmonising, are: 

-         relationship Consciousness-mind,

-         relationship Consciousness-subConsciousness,

-         relationship Consciousness-Soul,

-         relationship between Vibrations of Consciousness and Genetic code. 

This unity of the energetic and the spiritual aspect of the individualisation of Consciousness we have named “the spiral development”.

The process of individualisation of Consciousness doesn’t unfold solely as the process of development of energetic abilities, nor does it unravel as a process of developing purely spiritual abilities. It has both, the energetic and the spiritual aspect, and for this reason we have named it the spiral aspect of development, or “spiral development”. Of course, the term “spiritual development” is broad enough to express and encompass the whole complexity of human development. However, our choice of terminology was based on the need to find an easier way of explaining the interrelatedness of the two aspects and of the process of individualisation as a gradual influx of individual Consciousness into the Divine Consciousness.

Spiral development always takes place as a simultaneous process of increasing the possibility of constituting and directing of Energies (“horizontal development”) and of the awakening of individualisation (“vertical development”); in as much as that every next level of the spiral contains in itself all the previous ones.

[1] - “It is far better to discharge one’s prescribed duties, even though faultily, than another’s duties perfectly. Destruction in the course of performing one’s own duty is better than engaging in another’s duties, for to follow another’s path is dangerous.” – “Bhagavad-Gita as it is” (3.35), A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Published by The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, pg. 202.

[2] - About the delusions regarding “the Power of controlling the Energies” and “the Power over oneself”, which can lead to the dissipation of personality (dissolution of individuality) and the “energetic exclusion”, see “Maturing of Consciousness” – the second edition, pg. 162-167.

[3] - Both quotes – “Yoga”, Jasmina Puljo, Morisport, Beograd, 1995, pg. 63.