There are numerous theories about creation and development of human beings. These theories mostly fall into one of the categories of the present day's exact sciences and follow the conclusion that man has evolved from a certain animal species (which is not that of an ape as commonly believed, although in its beginning stages only resembles apes), developing further along its evolutionary path as a part of a wider process of Earth's creation and life on it. Some even go as far as saying that our animal ancestor (the ape) was "fertilised" by certain alien beings, which they consider to be our "forefathers". On one hand, science is trying to piece together the segments of the mosaic of the creation of man purely on the material facts that are at its disposal, and on the other hand there are those who find the theories of the exact sciences unconvincing and would rather believe, and also try to convince others, that humans are "cosmic beings" created by aliens through physical and metaphysical insemination.

Our theses is that the answer to the origin and development of human species can primarily be found inside the human species. The specific characteristics of man in relation to all other living beings on this planet, and also in relation to other intelligent species across the Universe, is in the process of individualisation of Consciousness as a form of self-recognition of the Infinite Consciousness.

Evolution of the forms of manifestation of God through the Higher Forms of Consciousness (Knowledge, Love and Power), or rather through Infinity (Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Existence and Infinite Creation) , concludes with the human form as an optimal one since it contains within itself all three elements: Vibrations, Energy and matter, in such a proportion that is optimal for the development and maturing of an individual Consciousness. Man is the result of manifestation of the "Divine plan", and was not created accidentally, or as a result of a "spontaneous natural phenomena". However, it would be also incorrect to say that its creation and existence is a result of a prefixed destination. The process of synthesis of the Infinite and the finite is realised through the mind. It is through mind that it is possible to have an expression of free will, or rather to realise a possibility for human beings to repay God for their existence by directing their emotions and thoughts towards Him.

The process of creation and development of man can be:

- realised as an illusion that has never actually happened, and that to such a degree as is befitting one's awakening of God (in oneself) and one's realisation of God (in oneself), and
- understood with the mind as a developmental process within a certain time and space.
From the aspect of God man is His embodiment, and from the aspect of mind man finds his/hers source in God, which he/she must realise by being at one with Him. Therefore, man is at the same time God and man. Man who creates, preserves and also annihilates himself/herself, through experiencing the unity of the evolutionary process of the cosmos, Earth, plant and animal worlds.

John 10, 11 - 34:
"And Jesus said to them: is it not written in your law: 'I have said: you are gods.' "
Psalms of David 82 - 6:
"I have said: you are gods, and all are the sons of the Supreme."
Following the development of man we realise the process of self-recognition, as on an individual level, so on the level of the species. The process that is on one hand infinite, and on the other limited by time and space is, therefore, finite. Information given in this text is Knowledge consciously realised in meditation, and then passed on in a written form through the mind, and as such it is inevitably influenced by its limitations; therefore we advise that this text should firstly be understood, and then made conscious and realised by surrendering in meditation.


This time we will ignore explanations about creation of Earth and the life on it. Instead, we will say that a primitive man was created when a certain animal species (which of course doesn't imply that humans and animals are one and the same) has reached such a level of development of its bodily functions (primarily the senses and the brain) that has enabled for the process of individualisation of Consciousness to begin as a finite process of self-recognition of the Infinite Consciousness. Manifestation of this process can be followed as individual (a single member), and as a collective (the species), by pointing out the more important characteristics:

1. Leaving the tree

- Historically speaking, it is not possible to talk about the first man, or rather the first male and female humans, as the first couple of humans, or rather - the primitive human beings.
- A geographical place of origin of the primitive man is today's Africa, or to be more exact its portion that stretches from the equator to about 20 degrees north.
- During a period from 4.5 to 5 million years ago primitive man leaves the trees in search for food, driven primarily by hunger as part of its elementary instinct for self-preservation.
- He starts to use the upper limbs more, moving without a plan, he collects the fruits that he doesn't store, but consumes immediately.
- From time to time he makes use of found pieces of wood and stone, but does not carry them with him.
- He moves in groups of about 20 to 30 individuals mutually connected with similar Vibrations, which have remained there since the times of their life in the trees. He often leaves the forest venturing into the savannah in search of food.
- By the end of this period the number of people is about 30,000.

Note: A dolphin is at that time, conditionally speaking, more developed than the primitive man. However, its chances for a further evolutionary growth are considerably reduced because of the lack of universality (attachment to water as its habitat) and more importantly - inappropriate structure of the senses and the brain that can enable an optimal unfolding of the process of individualisation of Consciousness.

2. A discovery of tools

A period from 3 to 4.5 million years ago:

- Primitive people gradually spread across the whole of the African continent and in time start to infiltrate into Europe and Asia.
- They still live in packs, but now these consist of larger numbers that move along together.
- They carry their food with them, remaining in one place for longer periods of time leaving it briefly but then coming back to it.
- The most important feature of this period is the beginning of a rough shaping of stone, wood and bones in order to make weapons and tools used for hunting and fishing.
- Considering the harsh living conditions such as climate and wild animals, the number of primitive people is increasing very slowly, and by the end of this period reaches about 50,000.

3. A discovery of fire

A period from 1 to 3 million years ago:
- During the first 200,000 years of this period the Earth has undergone a process of rapid cooling and ice formation.
- Over the following 1,800,000 years the climate changes have fluctuated in irregular cycles of a mild melting and then refreezing of the ground, where the overall temperature continues to rise.
- Primitive men and women still move in packs, and led by instinct they permeate even deeper into Europe and Asia.
- They are making settlements which they leave when hunting, but they are now increasingly returning to them.
- They are perfecting the weapon making as well as the tool making skills which they need for building burrows and other types of dwellings.
- Over the final 200,000 years of this period a primitive peoples in several different places, independently from each other, discover that by rubbing stones against one another they can start a fire.

4. Primitive speech

A period from 200,000 to 1 million years ago:
- Instinctive reactions to "pleasant - unpleasant", "hot - cold", "pain" ..., cause a spontaneous vocal reaction, which they imitate and through repetition they gradually begin to install and develop communication.
- Primitive speech, therefore, during this period mainly consists of imitating vocal reactions that are gradually being established, repeated and memorised.
- Towards the end of this period begins a "crisis" of the primitive man due to dramatic tectonic and climate changes - numerous volcanos are being activated as well as earthquakes, etc. As a result the number of primitive people, living across today's Europe, Africa and Asia reduces to about 20,000 - 25,000.

* * *

Over almost 5 million years the primitive man forms a connection between what is primarily an instinctive reaction during sexual intercourse on one hand, and a creation and care for the young on the other. This enables the instigation of the Vibrations of Love as a universal Vibration, but also as an individual Vibration (emotional reaction), which has an effect on constitution of the Soul and the Light body. It is important to stress the gradualness of this process, which, as a "process within the process" in the Higher Forms of Consciousness, has a manifestation in the form of Vibrations, Energies and matter, that is - the physical body.


During a period from 180,000 to 200,000 years ago, the primitive man reaches a level of development necessary for the creation of the (starting) base for initiating the process of individualisation of Consciousness, which takes place with the majority of the members of the human species. Until this period the said process was being realised only by very few individuals and as such was on a negligible level, although very definitely present. An important thing to point out about this period is that it marks a time when human physical form was all but established (completed), in particular the size (capacity) of the brain, which is nearly the same as in today's humans.

1. Genetic code of the human species

All that is created is a manifestation of God. In Bhagavad-Gita it is written:
"And still, all that is created doesn't reside in Me. Look at My mystical plenitude! Although I am the preserver of all living beings and although I am present in everything, I am not a part of this cosmic manifestation, because My Self is the very source of creation."

Knowledge, Love and Power, or rather the Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Existence and Infinite Creation are the basic manifestations of God that we understand as the Infinite "ALL". They themselves manifest as infinite processes, but also as a finite ones - on the level of man.

Scheme no. 1 - Representation of an aspect of the Infinite "ALL" as an infinite and a finite process

The infinite processes take place through the finite and the finite unfold through the infinite ones. "ALL" self-recognises in the infinite process through "all", and "all" self-recognises in the infinite process through "ALL". The self-recognition of individual Consciousness is only one of such infinite processes, and is realised via its very own manifestations: mind, Soul, aura, Light body and physical body. These manifestations are interconnected and mutually conditioned.

The process of individualisation of Consciousness unfolds through a human form as an optimal one. The basic outline of this process consists of harmonising the Genetic code and the Vibrations of Consciousness.

Scheme no. 2 - Genetic code and the Vibrations (manifestations) of Consciousness given as the elements of the process of individualisation of Consciousness (to place the mind with the mind in a scheme like this is virtually impossible. However, with respect to an insight received in meditation, it can be placed absolutely anywhere).

Genetic code is a matrix (a general formula) that defines the activation and harmonisation of the Vibrations of Consciousness of an individual. Genetic code means the same as Genetic code of individual Consciousness, which equals - Consciousness. Using the terms like Vibrations, Energies, matter or other similar ones we can not define or explain the Genetic code. What is possible for us to do, from aspect of the mind, is to more closely point out some of its characteristics:

a) Genetic code or rather the Consciousness of an individual is a part of the Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Creation and Infinite Existence; and vice versa: the Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Creation and Infinite Existence are within, but also they are realised, in an individual Consciousness. This means that the Infinite Consciousness and an individual Consciousness, Infinite Creation and individual Creation, Infinite Existence and individual Existence are one.

b) Genetic code is defined by a relationship between the Infinite Consciousness and the process of individualisation of Consciousness. This means that a Genetic code itself is not defined by a relationship Consciousness - physical body (matter), but the way in which it is being expressed is. The currents and flows within the Infinite Consciousness we see as the processes of individualisation of Consciousness, via the Vibrations, which are their result.

c)Genetic code of every human being is comprised from: Love, Knowledge and Power, the aspects of the three omnipresent manifestations of the Creator. The Genetic code of each individual human being is the same, but the way in which it is being expressed is different. This difference we explain by:
- the process of individualisation of Consciousness unfolds within each one of us in a different way, and
- the process if individualisation of Consciousness with each individual unfolds within a subjective time and space. Every following moment differs from a previous one, and an overall movement speaks of the permanent change in the space, or even the change of space itself.
d) It is impossible to completely define the Genetic code, particularly not with the "DNA molecule chains", genes, etc., as these are mainly material manifestations of the Genetic code.

e) Genetic code is expressed through the Vibrations, Energies and matter, primarily in the form of the Soul, aura, Light body, physical body and the mind.

f) Genetic code, from an aspect of man, is changeable. Its changeability depends on one's relationship Consciousness - mind, or rather the level of awakening of the mind, which automatically means the level of instrumentalisation of the mind. Mind is an instrument of self-recognition of an individual Consciousness, individual Creation and individual Existence, and these are part of the Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Creation and Infinite Existence. Through the process of individualisation, Consciousness matures with the aid of the mind, which in turn self-realises the Infinite Consciousness. Self-realisation is a "process within the process" and can not be expressed through Vibrations: The processes inside Consciousness are not vibrational, but rather their result are Vibrations. Processes that correlate between Infinite Consciousness and individual Consciousness are processes within the Infinite Consciousness, and as such they mark a process of development on an ever more complex and higher levels. Such mutual influence assumes that the Genetic code is in its essence a developmental process, which means that it can be influenced consciously.

2. Manifestations of the genetic code

Genetic code manifests through Vibrations, Energy and matter whose basic forms are: the Soul, aura, Light body, physical body and the mind. In other words, man is a specific being:
- because he/she is all-dimensional, within him/her all the dimensions of the overall Existence permeate each other - Consciousness, Vibrations, Energy and matter.
- because man is the only being gifted with the process of individualisation of Consciousness.
- because man is the only being in the whole of the Existence, primarily in the visible and invisible cosmos, that possesses the Soul. This does not mean that there are no other species which have not been "ordained" with the process of self-recognition. However, it is only in man that this is being realised through the process of individualisation of Consciousness where the Soul is one of the instruments. More so, humans are the only beings with whom the process of self-recognition unfolds as individual (singular) one. The process of self-recognition with other beings in the Universe unfolds as a collective process, or at best, as a process of interconnected individual processes. Amongst all the Mature Consciousnesses in the cosmos, individuality adorns only those that have been realised through the human form. The "little green men", "ET" or some other "aliens" that fall in love with the Earthlings, cry or get angry, are nothing but projections of an unawakened, although imaginative, mind. By stating the above we are not trying to raise the human on some sort of pedestal above all other species, but to simply point out our realistically special role in the Existence.

It was necessary for our ancestor to, over the course of human evolution, reach a certain level and for the functions of its body to fulfil certain conditions (primarily the brain - in the sense of a physical organ, but also as an organ of the mind sense that connects and synchronises the many faceted functions of the mind with the rest of the body and other senses). Process of individualisation of Consciousness attracts to itself the functions of the five senses, as well as the mind as a "synthesising sense" and as the highest manifestation of the Infinite Consciousness on the material plane. It is that very specific construction of the brain as an organ of the mind sense, that has enabled the unifying of Vibrations received via the individual senses that stemmed from the instinctive reactions plane, in such a way as to eventually lead towards connecting the cause with the effect. Vibrations received via the senses have as a reaction a formation of new Vibrations - those of emotions. Reaction to emotions are the Vibrations of thoughts. Thus the mind is formed, as the total sum of thoughts and emotions. The initial emotion-thought is that of one's own existence, but also that of the existence of others. In this sense, the mind represents one's relationship with oneself, others, their surroundings, etc. Formed as a reaction of Consciousness to Vibrations, mind represents the sum total of such reactions, although it itself manifests as a Vibration, or rather a condensed Vibration-Energy.
And so, to quote Sogjal Rinpoche: "Mind is revealed as a universal basis of experience - as the creator of happiness and sorrow, creator of that which we call life and that which we call death."

Through the course of evolution it has become possible for many dimensions to meet inside our ancestor, the primitive man. Amongst them was the Infinite Consciousness, as one of the dimensions (which requires a form in order to self-recognise), and - the individual process as its realisation. And so the primitive man becomes a human being.

Defining the individual Consciousness through human form is done via the mind, by connecting the Consciousness, Vibrations, Energy and matter into one single whole. This way, the mind is also - a connection between the Infinite Consciousness and individual Consciousness.
Mind is created as a result (manifestation) of the immanent process of self-recognition of Infinite Consciousness, through a process of individualisation of Consciousness.


Following the crisis from 180,000 to 200,000 years ago, our primitive ancestors recover and so confirm their role in a realisation of the "Divine plan". Since the initiation of the process of individualisation of Consciousness is being realised with most individuals in this period, we shall be referring to the "primitive man" as - man, and the "primitive people" as - people, or human kind. A further development of the human kind we can follow through:
- creation of the races,
- settlement of America and Australia,
- development of the process of individualisation of Consciousness.

1. A creation of the races

Differentiation of the predisposition for the three basic races: white, black and yellow, was formed together with the creation of the primitive man, but the expression of the racial characteristics has took form about 60,000 years ago. We will state the main reasons:

a) self-recognition of the Higher Forms of Consciousness
- POWER, but also Love, and Knowledge through the white race;
- KNOWLEDGE, but also Love and Power through the yellow race;
- LOVE, but also Knowledge and Power through the black race.

b) expression of infinity
- INFINITE CREATION, but also Infinite Existence and Infinite Consciousness through the white race;
- INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, but also Infinite Existence and Infinite Creation through the yellow race;
- INFINITE EXISTENCE, but also Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Creation through the black race.

c) constitution of the Higher Energetic Structures
- ENERGY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, but also the Christ Energy and the Unified Energetic Field through the white race;
- UNIFIED ENERGETIC FIELD, but also the Christ Energy and the Energy of the Holy Spirit through the yellow race;
- CHRIST ENERGY, but also the Energy of the Holy Spirit and the Unified Energetic Field through the black race.

d) expression of the cosmic influences
- SUN, but also the Moon and the Earth through the white race;
- EARTH, but also the Sun and the Moon through the yellow race;
- MOON, but also the Earth and the Sun through the black race.

The process of individualisation of Consciousness is specific in each human being, and it takes place in completely original time and space. Since time is reciprocal with Vibrations-Energies, and space is reciprocal with matter , it follows that the specifications of the mind (emotions and thoughts) in a given "physical" setting (primarily a climatic factors) expresses also as a difference between the races. Such processes are inevitably followed by the changes in the brain as a "synthetic sense", which is a place where the outer and inner Vibrations are being collected. Resulting from these processes were certain changes in the inner structure of the brain which have further influenced the creation of the races:

- Development of the so called serial neuronic installations (expressed as the IQ - so called thinking mind) is a characteristic of the white race; all three types of intelligence are being developed simultaneously, but this one is the most prominent. These installations, also known as neurone tracts, represent groups of neurones linked into a chain, where - if any part of the chain is switched off of damaged - the whole chain will cease to function. The tracts are installed in accordance with a clearly defined programs whose rules have been laid out in sync with the formal logic, which in turn produces the thoughts that we use for solving rational problems.

- Development of the so called associative neuronic installations (expressed as the EQ - so called emotional mind) is a characteristic of the black race; all three types of intelligence are being developed simultaneously, but this one is the most prominent. Such installations represent networks of neurones each one containing several hundred thousands of interconnected neurones, but not as precisely as with the neurone tracts, although they have the ability to self-reinstall in accordance with the experience. Learning takes place based on principles of trial and error, so it is not possible to define the precise rules to follow in order to learn or practise something. For example swimming, riding a bicycle..., can be learned only through a direct experience, not by reading the instructions or guidelines.

- Development of the so called synchronous neuronic oscillations (expressed as the SQ - so called spiritual mind) is a characteristic of the yellow race; all three types of intelligence are being developed simultaneously, but this one is the most prominent. It assumes a specific way (different for every situation and each individual) of connecting the serial and the associative neuronic installations not only on the level of the brain, but the whole of the nervous system. It characterises in an ability to restructure an experience, realisation of the wholeness of oneself, but also the concepts like infinite, emptiness, etc.

Therefore, races have come about as a result of a different ways of expression of the Divine Consciousness, or rather the Higher Forms of Consciousness as its aspects (through the Infinite - Consciousness, Creation and Existence) and the Higher Energetic Structures in a given space and time. It is important to accentuate that with each race, and within each and every one of its members, the same process is taking place - the Divine process of self-recognition through the individual Consciousness, which therefore, on the level of the same race or rather an individual, only manifests in a different way.

2. The settlement of America and Australia

A period of accelerated melting of the ice begins about 80,000 years ago as a final cycle of the ice age (out of 6) and finishes about 13,000 years ago. Between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago, expansion of the human kind across Europe and Asia has resulted in:

- several tribes from the north-east Asia going across to American continent, initially settling the North and then the Central and the South parts of the Continent. These tribes, which have been inhabiting the northern hemisphere of the planet were part of already almost fully formed white race. Therefore, it is safe to say that Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Toltecs, as well as other less known tribes that inhabited the South America, have their origin in the white race.

- that two tribes that belong to the original black race from Southern Africa have gone across today's India and Indonesia and have reached and settled in today's Australia. This means that so called Australian aborigines have their roots in Africa.

Accentuated process of a rapid melting of the ice about 50,000 years ago has led to the ocean and sea levels rising to such an extent that it was no longer possible to travel these distances over land. Because of this American and Australian human population continued their development independently from the rest across the planet.

3. Development of individual Consciousness

From about 180,000 years ago, the process of individualisation of Consciousness continues to unfold in all members of the human race (kind) as a process that connects:

- development of the mind (emotions and thoughts) and intelligence. This means that individual Consciousness has become able to use the information received in a form of Vibrations for the purpose of controlling all the many vibrational-energetic-material flows and currents;
- the individual Consciousness with self-recognition, primarily through intuitive reactions, as insights "beyond" the level of the mind.

A strife towards satisfying primarily sensory needs has led towards man's adaptation of nature to suit his/hers own needs, which was, on one side, expressed through the development of agriculture and domestication and cultivation of live stock. On the other side, man was increasingly adapting to nature, which was noticeable in the changes in the ways of hunting and a general life style. Development of the mind was gradually bringing about the awakening of various manifestations of the process of individualisation of Consciousness, such as a dream, a waking state, relaxing ..., as the processes "beyond" the level of the mind. Spontaneous processes, which have caused the so called "changed states of Consciousness", become in time, through the development of the mind, singled out and brought to the level of a ritual. At the base of these ritualistic actions was a creation of positive and negative Vibrations, but through time the number of positive ones increases.

Gradually, there is more and more positive thoughts and positive rituals, which present the benevolent conditions for development of humanity. More frequent and prolonged times spent in places performing such rituals, and any other conscious ways of communication with the "higher powers", nature, sky, etc., causes on them a more intense and longer lasting constitution of Vibrations-Energy. An awareness of certain processes starts to occur, such as that positive thoughts, certain changed states of Consciousness and spending time on the above mentioned places of positive Vibrational-Energetic quality all help in individual's feeling better, healing of diseases, easier problem solving and thus with the overall development.


1. The concept of the Mature Consciousness

Mature individual Consciousness is the one that has completed a process of individualisation (self-realisation, self-awareness, self-recognition...). The path of individualisation of Consciousness, or rather the maturity of Consciousness, ends in the infinite individuality.

Mature ind. Consciousness = Infinite Knowledge = Infinite Love = Infinite Power
Mature ind. Consciousness = Infinite Consciousness = Infinite Existence = Infinite Creation

That means:

- it has a full awareness of the Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Existence and Infinite Creation, or rather that all these it is,
- that it has access to the Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Love and Infinite Power, or rather that it is all these,
- that it possesses the ability of being omnipresent, or rather it has made conscious the principle of the absolute movement as an illusion, which presents its total awareness of the Higher Forms of Consciousness,
- a total awareness of non-dimensionality as an expression of the principle of absolute movement and the dimensions of individual movement as a segments in time and space,
- "self-awareness" outside matter, Energies and Vibrations.
Generally seen, Mature individual Consciousness has realised God-Creator as (the only) Reality, and all else as a non-Reality, that is - illusion.

Scheme no. 3 - Mature individual Consciousness

Processes awakened by the on whose Consciousness has matured are:

a) physical transformation - which assumes making conscious the relationship Consciousness - mind - physical body, as well as bringing this relationship to its optimal level. At the base of this process is the awareness of the senses, including the brain as a synthetic (unifying and sorting) organ of the mind sense, and finally controlling the physical processes. this can be presented as:

Consciousness - Vibrations - Energies - matter

b) mental transformation - this assumes being fully conscious of the mind, but also of all other vibrational-energetic structures, first of all that of the Soul, the aura and the Light body. This means bringing man's vibrational-energetic processes under the control of one's Consciousness, which can be presented as:

Consciousness - Vibrations - Energies

Mental transformation presents making conscious the process of harmonising Vibrations of Consciousness (manifestations of Consciousness) with Consciousness (Genetic code).

c) spiritual transformation - it represents making the Divine process in oneself conscious and realising God-Creator in oneself, and ends in being in Oness with Him. This can be presented as:

Consciousness = Consciousness, or
Infinite Consciousness = individual Consciousness

Processes of transformation are mutually connected into one whole, which does not mean that they do not unfold independently from one another. Physical and mental transformation does not mark a realisation of the total transformation, but rather only the optimal one. In other words, it represents reaching such a level, sufficient enough for a realisation of a primary transformation - the spiritual one.

2. Increase in the number of Mature Consciousnesses

The first person who has completed the process of individualisation, or rather, who has, during its life realised God within, has lived 23,000 BC at the foot of the Himalayas. From information received in meditation, we have learned that this person fair skinned, but with a prominently slanted eyes, that he was practising healing of people with herbs, prayers and rituals. At this time the number of people on the planet was around 180,000.

The number of mature Consciousnesses grows over time:
10,000 BC there are 5 Mature Consciousnesses
9,000 BC there are 12 Mature Consciousnesses
8,000 BC there are 14 Mature Consciousnesses
7,000 BC there are 18 Mature Consciousnesses
6,000 BC there are 46 Mature Consciousnesses
5,000 BC there are 160 Mature Consciousnesses
4,000 BC there are 410 Mature Consciousnesses
3,000 BC there are 1,100 Mature Consciousnesses
2,000 BC there are 2,150 Mature Consciousnesses
1,000 BC there are 3,950 Mature Consciousnesses
at the moment of the birth of Christ - there are 6,600 Mature Consciousnesses
1,000 AD - there are 9,650 Mature Consciousnesses
1998 AD - there are 16,165 Mature Consciousnesses
2000 AD - 16,168 Mature Consciousnesses
(there is a total of 6.6 billion people on Earth)
2003 AD - there are 16,177 Mature Consciousnesses
2004 AD - there are 16,199 Mature Consciousnesses
2005 AD - there will be 16,259 Mature Consciousnesses
2100 AD - there will be 17,016 Mature Consciousnesses
2050 AD - there will be 23,166 Mature Consciousnesses
2100 AD - there will be 43,749 Mature Consciousnesses
(there will be 9.4 billion people on Earth at this time).

As we can see from the above table, creation of Mature Consciousnesses (or rather maturing of individual Consciousnesses) speeds up over time. Thanks to science, art, development of human freedom and man's questioning - the global maturing of Consciousness is speeded up, because the total degree of development of human kind increases. However, this certainly does not mean that only those involved in science and art (or some religion) can reach an individual maturity of Consciousness, but rather that the preconditions are being created during the development of human civilisation for raising the global level of collective Consciousness, with which all of us are, in one way or another are in communication with. In this way, "starting positions" of modern man are better than those of people who lived in the past, in spite of paradoxes that arise from numerous problems of the modern world:

- those who think they posses "power" (expressed through monopoly over knowledge, possession of information, money, energy sources, weapons, etc.), are deluded, because power posses them and creates blockages on the level of an individual, country, or a group of countries. This in turn slows down these nation's spiritual development, and this way that of the whole world;
- those who think that they do not possess "power" and consequently lust after its elements like after objects "processes" of happiness, so by attaching their emotions and thoughts to them create blockages in their spiritual development.
Already, the solution is almost clearly visible, through a change in the system of values at whose base is the awakening of spiritual processes at the level of an individual. In other words it lies in connecting the material and the spiritual development into a whole.


Further development of humanity will unfold through:

- a process of accelerated development of individual Consciousnesses
- a process of slowing down the growth of human population on Earth.

1. A period from 2,100 to 4,000 AD

- An awakening of the process of connecting material and spiritual development will accelerate as on the individual level, so on the global level.
- The science will succeed in explaining the principles of the outer "material" world, such as the creation of cosmos, galaxies, the Solar system, Earth, etc, but only as material processes.
- Natural sciences, above all physics and chemistry, will reach their "maturity" by connecting through mathematics.
- Humanity will succeed in discovering "medicines" for the majority of existing diseases as well as for those that are not yet known, in such a way that it will connect medical with so called alternative methods.
- Application of self-healing principles will become the basic way of maintaining health.
- Psychology and sciences that today have a prefix "psycho", such as psycho-physiology, psycho-linguistics, psychotronics..., will become the most important sciences.
- Through awakening the mind, the development of processes of preservation and regeneration of the environment will run successfully, so that the possibility of Earth's destruction will not exist.
- Pieces of the puzzle of humanity's history will be put together through exploring ocean beds, parts of the North Pole, North Siberia and Earth's core.
- Man's travel into space will take place within the margins of the Solar system.
- Religion's significance will increase through their mutual networking and spiritual tolerance.
- People will strive towards those activities, which will enable them to arrive more easily at a state of "flow".
-The average IQ (rational intelligence), develops further, but EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence) gain an ever greater importance.
- Towards the end of this period an average awareness of the mind will be around 18% (at the moment it is 1%).
- Still only a minority of people will succeed in awakening God in them.

2. A period from 4,000 to 8,000 AD

- All that we today call natural sciences, and above all physics and chemistry, will become secondary.
- Space travel will remain within the Solar system.
- Most people will awaken the processes that take place on the relation Vibrations-Energies-matter, as well as different possibilities of affecting them.
- The basic form of bringing up and educating will represent methods of awakening the mind, which are primarily based on religious principles, but also on the application of techniques and ways of entering the state of flow for the purpose of initiating Vibrational-Energetic processes.
- The basic form of communication will be a conscious exchange of Vibrations and Energies.
- The average EQ and SQ will continue to develop, where as IQ will definitely become a secondary perimeter.
- Average awareness of the mind towards the end of this period will be 45%.
- Nearly half of the human population succeeds in realising God within.

3. A period from 8,000 to 12,000 AD

- Spirituality, expressed through SQ reaches the highest level.
- The processes Consciousness - Vibrations - Energies - matter are made fully conscious.
- People constantly create and spread an atmosphere of bliss and completely make conscious the Divine bliss.
- Exchange of the Vibrations of Love concludes in recognising the Divine expression of each individual in every other.
- Man realises that the process of individualisation of Consciousness can not be separated from one's own nature - the Divine within.
- People are expressing unlimited individuality: existence in Oneness with God, and yet with individual characteristics.
- Through their fully awakened existence people will act at on the level of Infinite Consciousness causing "processes within the process" which bare results on the level of Vibrations - Energies - matter. They will simultaneously have the experience of God and man.
- The process of physical, mental and spiritual transformation ends.


Humanity, as a recognisable process, begins in Infinity, and ends with self- realisation of self as the finite process.
Gradually all that are born complete the process of individualisation of Consciousness - with Mature Consciousness.
The process "humanity", which has started in God, as the source, in Him it also ends. This takes place by each individual realising God as the only Reality, which can be expressed in the following way:

God is - Consciousness is not

Considering that God is the only Reality, s the process "humanity" is only an illusion taking place within the mind.

"For the thousandth time I have confirmed and discovered that the truth is: the universe and all in the universe is in its entirety nothing inside nothing."


Zoran Gruièiæ
Milica Gruièiæ