God, as the supreme and the only reality, is eternally both – in a state of being (“with oneself”) and in a state of manifesting. The basic manifestation of God is Divine Consciousness, which is a joint name for three mutually inseparable Higher Forms of Consciousness. It self-recognises through infinite processes, one of which is also the individualisation of Consciousness,which stands for - the process of self-recognising of individual Consciousness through its own maturing, which is in turn nothing other than a gradual harmonising with the Higher Forms of Consciousness, or rather with the Divine Consciousness. “A more important phase” of this interactive spiritual happening begins with the moment of brief in-flow of individual Consciousness into Higher Forms of Consciousness, which during one’s further development and maturing repeats itself more and more frequently and in time such a state continues grow in duration, and so to finally arrive at the perpetual state of Oneness (mutual identification), where individual Consciousness does not “loose” its individuality.

        Individualisation, or rather maturing of Consciousness, ends in Oneness, in the state of individuality that is at the same time a state of Infinity – it could be said that it ends in the finite Infinite individuality.

        A term – Karma, can best be defined as a process, or better still as a “process within the process”, and as such can be observed as:

-       general – on the level of humanity,

-       collective – on the level of a nation, a group of nations, a state, etc. as well as

-       individual – on the level of an individual.

These three processes are mutually connected and conditioned. However, here we are primarily interested in the individual one, that is – the process of individualisation of Consciousness, which can also be called the individual karma.

It is also possible to define karma as the general formula (or the matrix) that determines all other specific formulas for formation and harmonising of individual’s Vibrations of Consciousness, which in turn are the same as the genetic code of Consciousness, the genetic code of individual Consciousness, or simply – Consciousness. Karma, or rather the flow of individualisation, have their origin and their end in Higher Forms of Consciousness, that is in Infinite Consciousness, and are being realised through the levels of Vibrations-Energies, as well as matter.

Scheme no. 1 – Karma as an infinite and as a finite process

2.     Karmic levels

God is the source of everything in existence, that is He is the only Reality, and all else are His manifestations, i.e. illusions. Process of individualisation of Consciousness, or rather individual karma (form this point on in the text we shall refer to it only as karma) is therefore also an illusion, which unfolds on the level of:


The moment of birth initiates the manifestation of individual Consciousness as the specific, singular process, which it is possible to define within a given time and space. It follows that there are three levels of karma: the level of Consciousness, the level of Vibrations-Energies and the level of matter.

Scheme no. 2 – Karmic levels

2.1.   The level of Consciousness

Karma, on the level of Infinite Consciousness, unfolds as a process within the frame of the processes of Consciousness (which itself assumes an infinite number of processes), and this is why we call it “process within the process”. It is impossible for us to grasp it on the level of the mind, which is based on the principle of duality, i.e. the pairs of opposites (positive-negative, good-bad, up-down, left-right…), because the processes on the level of Infinite Consciousness simply do not unfold according to this principle. For example, on the level of the mind, man experiences love as a desire for being with someone or belonging to someone, or rather as a need for attachment to someone, to be loved and to love… The question here is about – relationships, which assume at least two subjects. On the level of Infinite Consciousness however, there is Love that, being devoid of two sides, is not more so on one side and less on the other. There it can neither be reciprocal nor irreciprocal, nor manifested or unmanifested…, Therefore, it’s impossible for it to be experienced as a personal, subjective Love -towards someone. The only possible option is for one to awaken to (become aware of) this Infinite Love, to be One with It, that is – to be Love. To describe such a state is simply impossible.

Processes on the level of Consciousness are neither positive nor negative; that is why karma, as one of the processes on the level of Consciousness, is neither positive nor negative. It is simply – a process. It is the mind that “decides” whether something is positive or negative, but as such it simply does not exist on the level of Consciousness. On the other hand, however, it should be always kept in view that the processes in Consciousness can be initiated with the mind. Still, regardless of whether the emotions and thoughts that initiate them are positive or negative, the processes themselves can never be classified as such (i.e. positive or negative). Since they are “beyond the mind”, the mind’s judgements simply do not “reach” them. The mind labels processes and phenomena, while the Consciousness brings them into awareness, thus bringing itself into awareness – exactly because the processes and phenomena within and on the level of Consciousness have no labels.

2.2.   The level of Vibrations-Energies

Knowledge, Love and Power, as expressions of Higher Forms of Consciousness, manifest themselves through the principle of “condensation” right through to the human form. In this way man represents the fusion of all dimensions of Consciousness, Vibrations-Energies and matter. Aspects of manifestation of dimensions in man are Vibrations, Energies, the specific vibrational-energetic creation and process – the mind, and finally matter. The mind represents the bridge between Consciousness and matter, which enables Consciousness to individualise. Thus the mind is the basic instrument by the help of which the process of individualisation of Consciousness is being realised, and yet it comes into being as a result of an immanent process of self-recognition of Infinite Consciousness (Higher Forms of Consciousness) through the process of individualisation of Consciousness.

 Manifestation of karma on the level of Vibration-Energy can be defined in every human being as the mind, the Light body, the Soul and an aura. With the moment of conception begins the expression of the process of individualisation of Consciousness (i.e. of individual karma), when the mind, the Soul, and the Light body begin their simultaneous constitution, and at the same time a predisposition is set up for a later formation of an aura (approximately 28 days after conception).

Manifestation of karma on this level unfolds through defining of time as: the moment of conception, then of birth, and lastly the moment of death (hence the “life span”).

2.3.   The level of matter

Manifestation of karma on the level of matter unfolds by the means of the physical body, which we have already defined as Energy condensed. The human form is optimal for manifestation of the process of individualisation of Consciousness (individual karma), so therefore there is no need for a more perfect one. Manifestation of karma on this unfolds through defining of space as: the place of conception, then birth, and finally of death (so therefore the “living space”).

3.     The hindering factors to manifestation of karma

By the hindering

a)     Negative emotions and thoughts

Throughout the day, one is exposed to one’s own as well as other people’s negative emotions and thoughts. These Vibrations, being outside what is energetically considered to be an optimal range for the functioning of individual bodily systems (nervous, immune, etc.), assert adverse effects on the manifestation of beneficial aspects of one’s karma.

Their actual effect will depend on the following:

-       A mental construct of one’s personality (character, intelligence, level of knowledge, etc.);

-       A state of one’s brain waves in the moment of emission of negative emotions and thoughts (the lower the brain waves, the greater their damage);

-       A level of one’s engagement with emotions and thoughts (how much one’s attention is directed towards certain emotions and thoughts);

-       A duration of harmful emotions and thoughts;

-       An emotional intelligence (a richness of emotions, their level of development and harmony, an ability to recognise one’s own as well as other people’s emotions, empathy, etc.);

-       A relationship between one’s Consciousness and subConsciousness, including an ability to, in a lesser or a greater degree, control one’s own subconscious, etc.

According to our experience, the most harmful psychological states are primarily stress, and then: fear, sorrow, frustration, being under someone’s domination, anger, hatred, guilt and depression. Most of the other negative psychological states (emotions and thoughts), from Vibrational standpoint, can be brought under one or more of the above mentioned emotional states.

b)     Geopathic stress

Geopathic stress, the source of which is located under the ground, represents a permanent un-harmonised Vibrations with harmful effects on Vibrations/processes in our physical bodies. We differentiate three groups of harmful energies that radiate from earth:

-       negative cosmic energies, which are being reflected off of certain water areas and flows within the earth, and so emerging on Earth’s surface, they pass through the physical body causing damage;

-       negative energies created by the passage of water and other liquid matter through various structures within the earth;

-       negative energies emanating from certain rocks within Earth’s crust whose structure is such that they absorb and transmit these energies.

A particular problem pose the so called Hartmann’s and Kerry’s grids (or rather Hartmann’s and Kerry’s points – they follow the specific, regular pattern by which they inter-connect into two different grid systems, and so they are spread across the whole of Earth’s surface). They are formed as a direct effect of negative cosmic radiation and by releasing the above mentioned negative energies from this planet as a whole (the core and its crust).

It is important to stress the fact that all forms of geopathic stress are natural phenomena (and as such are not pathological ones). Their negative effect on human beings manifests through various disturbances of balance in the bodily organs, that is in certain parts of the body.

c)     Negative abstract radiation

Negative abstract radiation is brought about exclusively by the human beings. People create, spread and pass it on, most often through their own unconscious, negative thoughts and emotions, in a form of harmful vibrations-energies. By attaching to certain spaces (walls of houses, whole buildings, etc.), or to objects (such as jewellery, pictures, etc.), these energetic structures emit harmful energy, i.e. vibrations. Thus, causes of creation of negative abstract radiation can be:

a)     negative psychological states:

-       in the war zones, the battle fields, places that held concentration camps, the prisons (due to tortures, murders, suicides, etc.), then

-       in hospitals, homes and places where people suffering from heavy illnesses spent their time (due to pain, suffering, fear, etc.), and

-       on places of various conflicts, unpleasant events, etc.;

b)    negative psychological states of those who made, or kept in their house, or wore certain objects; this is often the case with jewellery, or sculptures and pictures (paintings), where, at the time of creating those artefacts, their authors were in a bad psychological state, which they have then transferred onto their creations in a form of negative energies;

c)     negative psychological processes (states) that last a long time, such as hatred, rage, anger, etc.; negative psychological states caused by some tragic events, when hate and/or rage are being directed towards those thought of as responsible, as well as the members of their family.

d) Technical radiation

Technical radiation comes about as a result of operation of various apparatus, machines and other appliances. Electrical sub-stations, railway stations, airports and so on, are the places where such radiation is particularly strong.

They directly harm each cell in the organism by upsetting the vibrations within them. The degree of negativity depends on the strength of the source, the type of vibrations and the duration of exposure.

Most of the house appliances (a television set, a fridge, a freezer, a boiler, etc.) do not present a serious threat, if one doesn’t spend longer periods of time in their immediate vicinity (working, sleeping…), or if one maintains a general distance of about 2-3 meters away from them.

e) Negative mental-energetic structures (NMES)

NMES are special energetic structures, which are formed out of man’s negative thoughts and emotions. Their larger part does disintegrate, but a smaller one still remains within their surrounding space. The negative energies of the similar content, carrying similar frequencies, simply “adhere” themselves to such structures (being attracted by them). In this way, gradually, an assembly of such structures is formed, which attaches itself vibrationally to its creator at times when his or hers nervous system, or rather the function of the aura are low, which results in forming a distorted picture of his/herself and that of others.

f) Negative energetic programs (“spells/hexes/jinxes”)

Negative energetic programs are aimed at disturbing one’s energetic structure, and therefore one’s psycho-physical health. We can define them as consciously created programs in order to initiate negative processes within one, or more individuals. By performing certain actions (rituals), the ill-doer brings him or herself in such a state (lowered brain waves and altered Consciousness) in which it is possible for them to engage, or constitute, negative energies. In most cases, the “spells/hexes/curses/jinxes” are made on a person’s body, in one’s aura, on objects, or “on” places where victim lives or works (a flat, ahouse, an office and other working spaces).

g) Negative energetic structures in the aura

Negative energetic structures in the aura represent the various forms of negative energies, such as:

-       energetic blocks (formed around a person as a momentary, subconscious reaction, whose purpose is for a person, who respectively feels threatened, to protect themselves from a threatening situation, or rather someone’s actions);

-       spherical negative energetic structures (spherical in appearance, are positioned outside person’s body and are also the result of a subconscious reaction);

-       energetic traces (undeliberate, attracted negative vibrations of other people), etc.

h) Emotional scars

“Emotional scars” are consequences of various stresses, or of those situations, which are experienced as unpleasant. As such, they are already start forming from the very moment of conception. As energetic structures they can manifest anywhere within the “zone” of our Consciousness, which includes its two manifestations: the aura and the Soul. By integrating with one’s basic personality structure, they affect one’s overall behaviour. A particular problem present those emotional scars formed by stresses during pregnancy, which are passed on to a child, as well as the fears developed during the initial years of one’s life.

i)     Negative energetic fields

Negative energetic fields are energetic structures that, once “attached” to a person, can have an extremely negative influence. Their origin can be traced back to:

-       the structures formed long before one’s actual conception and birth, as a consequence of numerous unpleasant events that happened to the members of one’s family, and which were followed by stresses and negative emotions and thoughts; such negative energetic fields are passed on at the moment of conception as the “karmic debts”. The most severe forms of such negative energetic fields are the so called – family curses;

-       the structures that are formed from the moment of conception up to the present moment, that result from the emotional scars caused by various stresses; these are the so called “negative mental-energetic structures”, whose clusters (several NMES’ acting in unison) are particularly harmful;

-       one’s attachment to the sources of negative abstract radiation, etc.

j) Curses (“damnation”)

Curse, as a special form of negative energies, that is of energetic structures, is also created by one’s negative thoughts and emotions. Curse (or “damnation”) is a special form of “spell”, representing a constitution of negative energetic structures and programs, and their attachment to a family, or rather to its members. Each family has its own particularity, which expresses itself also through certain energetic connections between its members, primarily through their ancestry and origin, but also through a surname, family nicknames, etc. Most often the surname presents an energetic code of the family. Attaching a negative energetic structure onto the family’s energetic code will have negative effect on those family members whose function of the nervous system, the aura, etc., is at that time weaker, that is – whose Vibrations of Consciousness are at that time suitable for an attachment of such curse to take place.

k)    Possession

Possession is a term commonly used in esoteric and religious literature. From an energetic point of view, this phenomenon occurs when the group of extremely strong and mutually connected negative vibrations, whose origins are other than one’s own, (and also mind-created) constitutes inside the Vibrations of Consciousness of an individual in question and thus mixes with them. Constitution of such negative vibrations primarily happens to take place in the Vibrational-Energetic structure of the Soul, and much less often in the aura, and so it disturbs the function of Vibrations of a given individual Consciousness. Sometimes this is expressed to such an extent that the victim of such a sinister influence looses his or her own identity, that is, they do not behave in accord with their own genetic code – the basic, uniquely one’s own given way of synchronising Vibrations. Such persons behave very strangely, they are depressive, unpredictable, aggressive, often with uncontrollable contortions marking their facial features.

These occurrences are often, through superstition, attributed to the presence of “the forces of evil” and “the super-natural phenomena”. Actually, it is the case of negative thoughts and emotions, which group themselves according to the similarity of their vibrations, thus forming a relatively compact whole, which we can descriptively name – the “complex NMES”. Through “inhabiting” the Soul, or the aura, possession leads to their weakening, which disrupts the process of individualisation of Consciousness.


4.     “Attachments”

Also belonging to this group of hindering factors to karma’s free manifestation are various forms of “attachment”. We will state only the main ones:

- a “false self”
- attachment to a goal

- attachment to spirituality

- attachment to power

- fears


4.1. “False self”

We can view attachment to the “false self” in one of the following two senses (meanings):

-in a specific sense - as identification of the self with the mind (thoughts and emotions), the Light body, the Soul, the aura and the physical body,

- and in a general sense - as not knowing or rather not recognising the Truth about human essence - that our true Being is of the Divine nature, meaning that God is within us. (Of course, this does not mean that God is “separated” into as many parts as there are people, but that it is always one God who manifests itself within a single same creation, expressing differently in each human being.)

The cause of the “false self” is rooted in the existence and the functioning of the mind: where we experience the world around us, as well as ourselves, as reality, while God remains a non-reality. It is indeed difficult to understand (comprehend) that we actually live in a world that is really an illusion and furthermore - this goes so far, that we end up thinking that we are separated from God. The majority of people comprehend the process, which we refer to as life, as something that takes place in time and space, and yet most people do not comprehend that time and space are inseparable from the mind. Emotions and thoughts create the world, which we experience as real, or rather - the mind sums up the Vibrations we receive through the senses and thus forms the world. All that we see (as well as that which we don’t see, including the “invisible cosmos”), are nothing but the reflections and projections of our mind. How can (we with our) mind, (with which we are) which is creating the world, accept that that the world (including the mind itself /us in a state of mind/) is - unreal (in relation to God)?

By identifying with the mind, the physical body and other manifestations of the process of individualisation of Consciousness, most people live in its enchanted circle where even the process of individualisation of Consciousness is experienced as something separate from God. Thus the “false self” is created through not recognising God in oneself as - the only Reality, and instead dwelling under the rule of (mind’s) illusion of recognising Reality solely within the process of individualisation of Consciousness and its manifestations (which defines the life of an individual in a given time and space).

It often happens that the “false self” cloaks itself with a so called attachment to one’s particular distinctions. This way the differences between people which appear the respect to gender, race, age, stature, weight, then the character traits, occupation and status, the place (area) of residence, etc., are being interpreted as particular distinctions upon which people base their values, instead of seeing them as merely being the particularities through which one God perpetually manifests Itself. The problem with “attachment to one’s particular distinctions” lies in person’s inability to accept and believe that a lessened “attachment” to their own particular dinstinctions would in fact lead towards the state in which they (the person) would make an easier and further progress in the very aspect they are so eager to maintain - the process of self-fulfilment and self-realisation. Therefore - it is necessary to “insist” on becoming conscious of one’s own distinctiveness and to realise this, but not to insist on the distinctiveness itself - attaching to it as it is.

A degree of attachment to the “false self” is directly proportional to one’s so called “bondage”, that is the - the lack of freedom. So, a gradual “detaching” from it is in fact the very path to freedom, the path towards the exit from an enchanted circle created by the mind. While chasing one’s “happiness”, one in fact satisfies one’s urges - the needs of the physical body, or else one’s desires - the needs of one’s ego. In this way one only feeds one’s own “false self”, increasing the already numerous (illusory) appearances of life, or - to use the words of so many sages - taking one’s own dream of life as reality. Thus, through the “false self” comes about the heaviest self-destruction which we recognise as the closing of oneself towards the process of self-realisation, or rather as prevention of expression of the call, or better still - the urge for self-realisation.

All attachments arise from attachment to the “false self”.
The “Real Me” is God inside us.


4.2. Attachment to a goal

We have already mentioned that the goal of human life is to be one with Reality (God), that is, to be Reality itself (God), which presents a goal without a goal. The very idea - that there is no goal, implies that all is already here, “within us”. That is why - ‘no one other than myself can “bring” me to it’, and all the various forms of meditation, prayer, a particular life-style, science, religion"..., can not solve the question of the goal of life, but can only contribute to it by increasing the possibility of its attainment. Realisation of the possibility of God-attainment is given only to the individual!

Any goal, which an individual may put before him or herself and which lies outside the aim to realise a direct relationship with Reality, i.e. God, ultimately loses its meaning, because if it is not serving to realise the basic of all goals - realisation of God in oneself, it leads its pursuer into a conflict with themselves and hinders their spiritual development. The welfare of a family, of the place of residence, of a country, or a successes in one’s field of  activity and so on, essentially have as their goal - the unfolding of development in creation, realisation of God, attainment of harmony with God (or at least - this should be realised and “aimed” at!)"...

However, man can not reach the state of Reality (God), as there is nothing to reach; he already is in Reality, or rather the Reality (God) itself. Infinite manifestations-illusions such as Consciousness, Vibrations, Energies and matter as well as their combinations (dimensions, primarily time and space), can be either a hindrance or a help in our grasping the Reality, which will depend on what we are like as a personality and what we are striving towards. Seen from a different perspective, a state of Connectedness, or rather a state of Oneness with Reality, also can’t be reached, since we already are Connected, we already are in It, and we are that Reality. Those who can not believe that they are one with Reality, in other words - one with God, can not do so because of their identification with the me-mind (“false self”) and their experience of a mind’s description of Reality as that which is essential. That is why the greatest value of all, that is ever possible for a human being to reach, is the realisation of Reality (God) in man, or rather Oneness with Reality (God).

Attachment to any goal, which we can define and with lesser or greater precission present to ourselves, creates the so called auto-blockages and has a slowing down effect on individualisation of Consciousness, and can even put a stop to it all together. The reason for this primarily lies in a simple fact that every definition of a goal assumes a definition of the expected result as well as of the time span within which it should be achieved (even a patient approach of expecting the desired results “next year”, or in “several years”, or even “during one’s whole life-time” does not constitute a “favourable circumstance”). Since time and space are inseparable from the mind, by defining a goal we only continue to revolve within its enchanted circle, or rather - “it keeps on toying with us”.


“Your duty is to work and not to desire the fruits thereof; let not a personal profit ever be the motive behind your actions, and yet never should you let yourself fall into inactivity.”“A perfect man - Yukta - after having renounced all desire for the fruits of actions attains to the bliss eternal; an imperfect man, bound by desire to the fruits of action, is ever in bondage.”  


Non-attachment to a goal results in freedom from self-satisfaction: it is therefore necessary to recognise the true goal and to have the vision of it before oneself, and not to define a certain goal and then strive towards it.


4.3. Spirituality

Through spirituality, as a way of searching for God, we discover the purpose of life. Attachment to spirituality is reflected in the approach to spirituality where it is seen as a goal, and not as the means to self-realisation. We can recognise a manifestation of this form of attachment through the following examples:

- By practising spirituality in one or more of the following ways: reading books, practising certain meditation systems, prayers, religious rituals"..., many create a picture about themselves as - “spiritual” persons, as oppose to other people who do not do this, as - “less spiritual” or - “unspiritual”. Such views almost always lead to self-prominence and self-righteousness, which at their base have mind’s conclusions about the processes “beyond the mind”.

- Experiences in meditation, during prayers, while in churches, temples and monasteries, such as: bodily shakes, leaving the body, its “disappearance”, experiences of a so called emptiness (absence of emotions and thoughts), visions (forms, faces, colours"...), disappearance into infinity, etc., can be useful, but only if understood as manifestations-projections of the mind. Then they become the steps in one’s spiritual development. If, however, we give them great importance and “attach” ourselves to them, they will transform into blockages which some authors refer to as - “the false depth of the wondrous”, which once formed become very hard to transcend.

- Many people proclaim themselves to have become “enlightened” because they had a so called - experiences of enlightenment, which are often no more than a momentary, or temporary, absence of the mind. It is certainly the case of certain valuable experiences that can present a “trigger capsule” for a further process of maturing, but if we “attach” ourselves to these experiences, they will continue to “feed” the mind and drag us ever deeper into its labyrinth.

- Recognising and becoming conscious of the individual Consciousness being the same as the Infinite Consciousness, the Infinite Existence and the Infinite Creation, that is - the Divine Consciousness, many treat this “spiritual accomplishment” as being equal to enlightenment, awakeness, or rather the maturity of Consciousness. Parallel to this, their tranquillity, spreading of positive Vibrations around them, proficiency in yogic postures, talks of Universality, Infinity, the actual results in healing, or help given to others in overcoming the life’s difficulties, playing with words such as “I know how much I don’t know” or “I have understood how much I actually don’t know” and so on, only un-necessarily feed one’s own process of individualisation of Consciousness with yet more mind. Thus during this they remain imprisoned on their achieved level, without ever finding out that what has brought them to it was “the one before the last step”, and that only after this one there comes the actual last one - realisation of the difference between God and Its manifestations. And so, remaining in the dream that Consciousness is the same as God, they go on dreaming"...


4.4. Power

Attachment to power can be viewed as individual and collective:

-Individual one is based on one’s possession of money, on one’s execution of certain “highly regarded” functions (a president or prime minister, a director"...), but also on processes such as the so called power of controlling Energies, power over oneself, etc. Attaching to individual powers strengthens the ego, i.e. the mind, and therefore the “false self”, mystifying the processes of God-realisation in oneself and others.

- Collective one relates to groups of people, or even nations that, for whatever reason (economic, military, political"...) feel “a calling” to rule over others and the world as a whole, imposing on everyone their own system of values. Attachment to “collective power” always causes blockages on the level of that “powerful collective”, which, if continues over a longer period, inevitably ends in self-destruction. The collapse of all great and powerful civilisations in human history is a perfect example of this.

Attachment to power is the result of a trap we tend to fall into when that, which we believe is in our possession, is actually in possession of us. The very understanding of the concept of power is based on the principles of duality: strong-weak, intelligent-stupid, rich-poor"..., as is the case with the mind. The strife for subduing others by the use of power (individual or collective) and to change them by the open use of force or even by the secret methods (the use of “powers”"...) according to one’s own formula, is an expression of the lack of directing emotions and thoughts towards God, or rather of the inability for unconditional loving of God in ourselves and in others.

Bishop Nikolai advises:

“So that is why you need not hurry to find an executioner to a Godless man. He has already found one in himself, a more reliable one at that than what the whole world could provide for him.”


4.5. Fears

Fears arise when the individual (is of the opinion that he or she) can not solve a given problematic situation where what they regard as valuable is being threatened. Fears are directly related to expression of three urges (drives or instincts):

- the urge for self-preservation (for life), from which arises the fear of death, and other, such as fear of illness, etc.;

- the urge for preservation of the species (sexual urge), from which arise the fears related to realisation of oneself as a sexual being. For example: fear of infertility, of a possibility for a child not to be healthy and normal, of sexual impotence and frustration (of the other, but also of oneself"...), fear of sexual monotony-saturation in a relationship-marriage, of missing out on desirable acquaintances-experiences (with others who are outside a given relationship-marriage)"...;

- the urge for self-realisation, from which arise a fear of not realising oneself as a being. The importance of this urge is exceptional, since it is present only in human beings. In majority of people it begins to manifest during 32-42 years of age.

These three urges, and fears that arise from them, stipulate all other fears, while on a basic level, they themselves are always interrelated, so that whenever one of them manifests, the other two are also present, only in a lesser measure.

Fears can act:

- positively - when their purpose is to act as a warning for an impending danger, and so as to initiate in a person the numerous processes that can help him or her to resolve the root causes of those fears and so to rid themselves of them, and

- negatively - when they create the blockages, which impede the process of individualisation of Consciousness.

Fear indicates that an individual is accepting limitations as the essentially unchangeable reality, and that in that sense they look at the world around them as something that is in any significant or effective way outside their direct influence: they are forgetting that God is the only Reality, and that the world that surrounds us is but an illusion created by our mind. Therefore, fears are the projections of the mind whose presence signifies a lack of the faith in God. Attaching to fears suffocates one’s ability to have faith that is given only to human beings, as one of the forms of expression of the urge for self-realisation.


5. Karma and illness

The connection between karma and illness can be viewed through the levels of karma:


5.1. The level of Consciousness

All illnesses have their cause in karma, or rather in the specifics of the process of individualisation of Consciousness as a “process within the process”, which begins and ends in the Higher Forms of Consciousness. Movements within Them (the Higher Forms of Consciousness), unfathomable with the mind, determine when and where a certain process of individualisation of Consciousness (“creation of a new human being”) will become manifest. At the same time, the formation of an illness is not being defined in the Higher Forms of Consciousness, - certainly not as something that is inevitable (“fated”), but within a given process of individualisation the specific process is being initiated that will create a predisposition, or a potential blueprint, for an appearance and a manifestation of that illness. As a figure of speech, the decision about when and where will the process of individualisation of Consciousness manifest in a given time and space, is being made in the Higher Forms of Consciousness. Perhaps it can seem humorous, or at the least confusing, and yet in a way it’s true to say that children choose their parents, and (technically speaking) - as the means of enabling their manifestation.

The Higher Forms of Consciousness have an active role until the moment of conception, after which their role switches onto a relatively passive and even latent status. This remains so until such time when they are set in motion again, whether consciously or unconsciously, by the Vibrations of the appropriate type of emotions and thoughts of the “process within the process” within Their very selves. From the moment of conception onwards, many hindering factors affect the process of individualisation of Consciousness, most of which we have already mentioned in chapter 3 of this text.

Therefore, things that are being determined on the level of Consciousness are:

- a predisposition for the time and place of a possible conception, or rather the beginning of the manifestation of the process,

- through which particular couple (i.e. the parents) is it possible to realise the conception, and

- a predisposition for the time and place of a possible ending of the manifestation of that process of individualisation of Consciousness (i.e. life).

An active role of the parents is apparent in the mutual exchange of Vibrations, during which the conditions are being met for the conception to take place. By unifying the process of individualisation of Consciousness and its manifestation, the possibilities for the formation of illnesses are also being closer defined - the so called hereditary ones, as well as the acquired ones.


5.2. The level of Vibrations-Energies

The conditions for illness, on this level, are created by the Mind, where the Soul, the aura and the Light body also play a significant role.

a) Mind is the link between the process of individualisation of Consciousness and its manifestation, and as such, its influence is paramount on whether or not a certain illness will manifest, and in what way. It governs all energetic, and so all other processes in the physical body. Positive and negative contents of the mind have positive and negative effect on the nervous system, and so indirectly on the functions of all other sub-systems, such as: the immune system, the cardio-vascular system, the lymphatic system, the digestive system, etc.

Awakening, or rather maturing of the mind, at the base of which is harmonising the Vibrations of emotions and thoughts with Consciousness (i.e. the Genetic code), leads towards harmonising of all the processes and relationships in man, while the processes contrary to this disturb this harmony and cause illness.

b) Soul - as a vibrational-energetic structure, its role is to receive and transform the Vibrations that are received via the senses (this includes an aspect of the brain as a synthesising sense) and to harmonise them with Consciousness, through which it affects a basic process of maturing of the mind.

c) Light body - amongst many of its functions, is the one where it is involved in the transfer of the parental characteristics throughout the pregnancy period, so it is very important what the future mother (as well as the father) is thinking and feeling during this time. For example, a mother’s stress during the fifth month of pregnancy can result in the baby’s lowered function of the kidneys, or they can be susceptible to a recurring kidney conditions, although not because the transfer of negative vibrations has taken place, but because the Vibrations of the “transfer” (of the genetic characteristics /of the kidney/), which transpire via the Light body, have not been sufficiently completed (due to the interference from the harmful vibrations) for the kidneys to form organically and functionally as healthy organs"...

d) Aura - its role is in connecting the energetic and material flows through the Life pillar as a central energetic structure that ensures the functioning of the systems and organs in man.


5.3. The level of matter

Man’s physical body (level of matter) is the final form through which the process of individualisation of Consciousness is being realised. The main element of the physical body is the nervous system, followed by other sub-systems, organs"..., right through to the cellular level. Each and every cell, then groups of cells, organs, systems, then the elements such as blood, lymph, inter-cellular fluid, etc., all vibrate with their own, type-specific Vibration. What they all have in common, that is, what is specific to the physical body as a whole, is the so called Life Energy. It is a manifestation of the Higher Energetic Structures (Energy of the Holy Spirit, Christ Energy and Energy of the Unique Universal Field), which themselves are, to remind the reader, the manifestations of the Higher Forms of Consciousness. Due to difference in form between the individual organs and systems, as well as the direct effect of the mind, the Life Energy vibrates differently in each of them. With the help of the mind (conscious and unconscious), as a manifestation and instrument of Consciousness, the physical body functions in a perpetual strife towards the optimum, which we can observe partially - as the function of certain parts of the whole (cells, organs, systems), or globally - as the function of the body as a whole.

Scheme no. 3 - A representation of the relationship Consciousness - mind - physical body


Optimal state is reached when the Vibrations of the cells of individual parts of the body, organs and systems and the Vibrations of the body as a whole, are harmonised with Consciousness, i.e. with the Genetic code. Deviation from an optimal level is primarily conditioned by the influence of harmful activities of the mind - on the global, and directly - on the partial level. Global level is expressed through a mutual relationship mind ml physical body, and partial ones through relationship mind ml particular parts of the body and systems; moreover, certain parts of the mind (whether the single or the whole groups of emotions and thoughts) are in a direct relationship with certain organs and systems (for example, fear disrupts the function of - kidneys; impatience - heart, small intestine and circulation; worry - the function of the stomach, etc.)

Illnesses come about as the results of a mind’s reaction, which itself causes the changes on the level of Vibrations, Energies, and finally the physical body. The purpose behind any illness is to point out to us that we are not doing something right, that our conscious and unconscious reactions are creating Vibrations that deviate from those defined by our Genetic code. Our refusal to accept the world that surrounds us just as it is, i.e. that it is - illusion, causes the appearance of illness.


6. Incarnation-Reincarnation

The processes of incarnation and of reincarnation can be easier understood if we first explain the following terms individually:

- Genetic code
- Genetic characteristics
- Incarnation
- Reincarnation
- Possibilities of maturing of individual Consciousness


6.1. Genetic code  

The Genetic code, or else the “cipher” of man kind, represents a “program” of its kind (as a “process within the process” - “program within the program”) of constitution, growth and development of human species. This program defines all the characteristics of human beings without which they would not be human, and these are:

a) Characteristics of human species - that, which is common to all people, and essentially the same: human body, but also - the mind, the aura, the Soul and the Light body. The most important characteristic is possession of Consciousness, and in relation to that - the urge for self-realisation, or rather the continual striving towards it.

b) Characteristics of manifestation of individual Consciousness - Realisation of our Genetic code on the level of Vibration and matter (a particular body form, a mind /personality/, an aura, Soul and Light body) all begin at the moment of contact between the spermatozoa and an ovum, and ends with their complete union (which with a healthy spermatozoa and ovum on average lasts around 0.93 seconds).

Scheme no. 4 - A symbolic representation of the process of fertilisation, or rather - of the realisation of Genetic code

Parents directly affect this process with their Light bodies, since the Light body of an embryo is not yet constituted. As such, within this process, which differs from one individual to the next, the following elements are being defined:

- a predisposition for constitution of the mind, the Soul, the Light body and later also the aura,
- a vibrational level of DNA and RNA cells,
- a “model” of multiplication of cells of a future embryo/baby inside the mother’s womb,
- a vibrational-energetic and material predisposition for reception of the parents’ genetic characteristics, as well as
- a vibrational-energetic and material predisposition for reception of other Vibrations that affect the child’s formation and development.


6.2. Genetic characteristics

From the very moment of completion of the union between the spermatozoa and an ovum begins constitution of the mind, the Soul, the Light body and later, after 28 days - the aura, and this initially happens in the form of Vibrations. It is this constitution of the above manifestations, and in particular that of the embryo’s Light body, that the transfer of genetic characteristics of the parents takes place, according to the following scheme:

Scheme no. 5 - transfer of genetic characteristics from parents onto an Embryo

Genetic characteristics continually constitute during the whole of pregnancy without a pause. During this time, the father’s “physical” presence in the immediate vicinity of the future mother is not necessary for this process to continue to unfold smoothly, that is to say that his presence bares no particular significance. As the embryo continues to grow, so its Light body grows with it, and gradually, after its initial - semi-circular movement immediately around the embryo, it begins to venture further away from it in all directions.

Genetic characteristics, the biological ones as much as the energetic, and even the spiritual ones, can be split into the already formed characteristics (colour of the eyes - as a biological characteristic, or a number of the intelligence petals as - the energetic one), and those, which will constitute only as a potential (a talent for music, for painting, for writing poetry, for dance or a tendency towards spiritual search). In other words, one part of our genetically given characteristics is a real “heritage” for which we can thank our parents, while another part represents only a “hidden treasure”, which we must discover for ourselves and use wisely.

It is interesting to note that those children who have been diagnosed after birth with some kind of anomaly, or rather who seem to be under developed in some way or another, were (as a rule) born with a “damaged” Light body (for example - a “chunk” of it may be missing, or it may not be completely homogenous, or it does not shine sufficiently, etc.)

Still, it must be added that during the formation of the Genetic code and the formation of genetic characteristics there are also many other influences at play:

- the psychological as well as physical state of both the parents in the moment of conception and during pregnancy, and

- the conditions in which the future child-bearing mother lives and works, but above all - if there is any geopathic stress, technical radiation and negative abstract radiation affecting her; then if there is anyone from her immediate surroundings, including herself, who - due to stress or for any other reason, is emitting negative Vibrations (as the harmful emotions and thoughts), etc.

6.3. Incarnation

An important role during the formation of the Genetic code generally speaking, as well as during the transfer of genetic characteristics, besides the influences we have already mentioned, is also played by the so called collective Consciousness of humanity. It is formed of:

- the mature individual Consciousnesses,
- literally - all individual Consciousnesses that have ever manifested on the level of Vibrations-Energy and matter, even if it was for no more than a few seconds, minutes, days or months, and
- individual Consciousnesses of presently living people.

Collective Consciousness influences the formation of a child’s Genetic code through the Light bodies of its parents, creating a predisposition for the transfer of genetic characteristics. The collective Consciousness being as it is, i.e. passive, is activated into performing this task by the parents through their conscious and subconscious processes. Later on, the collective Consciousness affects the transfer of genetic characteristics, as well as the child’s overall development, in several ways:

- through the parents - which is triggered by their conscious and subconscious reaction:

parent(s) >  collective Consciousness >  child, or
parent(s) > collective Consciousness >  parent(s) >l  child

- through the parents - caused by the reaction of the child:

>  collective Consciousness parent(s)  >  child

- directly caused by the child’s reaction:

>  collective Consciousness  >  child, etc.

During the formation of Genetic code, the transfer of genetic characteristics and the formation of the child, the reaction of collective Consciousness unfolds as:

- the “process within the process”, where individual Consciousness of the child is being differentiated as a specific process, while still being one with the Higher Forms of Consciousness, or rather the Divine Consciousness, and as
- vibrational-energetic process, which is resulting from the “process within the process”, influencing the child indirectly - through the parents, as well as directly.

In the way described above, the child’s characteristics are being formed, which after its birth, as well as later during its life, can be observed as physical, psychological and other. However, through a “reverse” reaction of collective Consciousness numerous other kinds of information are also being transferred onto a child which are in some way important for it. Most people have absolutely no insight into the nature of such influences and processes. It is possible, however, to find out information about ourselves in a much greater measure than we presently know, through the methods such as deep hypnosis, regression therapy analysis, the primal scream method and others, the best of which being – the self-awakening (or self-awareness). Therefore, it is possible to obtain information about the so called “past lives”. Further more, his type of information can be so detailed (and colourful) that it wouldn’t be hard to believe that it is the case of our very own past lives. An interesting interpretation of, to again borrow this popular term - “past lives”, is the one most often based on the so called principle of opposites and the principle of repayment of debts. For example, if someone had, in their “past life” been an army leader and had ordered the killings of people, or had even performed such acts himself, in this life such a person will, in accord with the above mentioned principles of the “past life” mechanism, have to undergo various golgotic experiences to repay the accumulated debt: a murder of a dear one, imprisonment, a constant physical and psychological harassment"... According to the same belief it is possible for someone who was in some “past life” a criminal to become a policeman in this life, etc. There are other, somewhat less popular beliefs on this subject, which are based on the principle of continuity: a today’s doctor allegedly, according to such a principle, would have been in one of his or hers “previous lives” a healer who used to perform certain magic rituals, or they might have been a witch doctor, a shaman, a herbalist, etc.

Such interpretations are projections, or conclusions of an unawakened mind, whether it is the case of the accepted interpretations of “authorities in the field of reincarnation”, or of one’s own “accomplishments”. People’s lives unfold in a given time (the moment of conception, pregnancy, then the moment of birth, the actual life span and the moment of death) and space (the place of birth, the place of residence and paths trodden during one’s life span and the place of death), and time and space are inseparable from the mind. Since the processes of individualisation of Consciousness (individual karmas) actually unfolds within the framework of Higher Forms of Consciousness, or rather Divine Consciousness, which in turn can be followed with the mind only as an expression in time and space, it follows that the past lives simply can not exist as they are an illusion created by the mind. The information we possess of the “past lives” is in fact that information, which we receive through the Collective Consciousness, and it is sourced from the lives of people who have once lived, or even those who are alive now. Here we reach the elucidation of the information that has posed continual confusion, and that is: how come that among those who have had an opportunity to, through one of the earlier mentioned methods, find out some information about their “past existences”, most of them have been some very important person, or have had a life filled with challenges and rich with experiences? This becomes understandable if seen in the above explained way, because it was the collective Consciousness as a whole that had an effect on each one of us, and within Its field of influence the most significant role in this was played by the individual Mature Consciousnesses, or those that have reached a high level of maturity.

The overall process in which the influence of collective Consciousness on the Genetic code, the transfer of genetic characteristics, as well as the further flows of life, is being realised, we have named - incarnation.

6.4. Reincarnation

In simplistic terms, after the physical death the following processes take place:

- Physical body decomposes - here it makes no difference whether it is being buried, cremated, or treated in any other way; so, essentially, the time it takes it to decompose is of no importance, nor can anything different be said for the location or the manner in which this takes place.

- Light body, aura and Soul merge into a joint vibrational-energetic structure, most commonly in the form of an ellipsoid, which gradually looses form and decomposes as it returns to its source - the Higher Energetic Structures: the Energy of the Unique Universal Field, the Christ energy and the Energy of the Holy Spirit (to repeat, together we call them the Divine Energy). Measured in “earth years”, this process can take anything, from a few to several tens and even several hundreds of years.

- Mind, together with the Light body, the aura and the Soul, also decomposes. With decomposition of the physical body the instruments for creating the mind in the first place are also being destroyed: the senses, including, of course, “the synthetical sense - the brain”. And yet, the feelings that have formed during life still “remain”, in a manner of speaking, although essentially they are not that any longer - the senses and the brain through which, and through which only, they used to come into being and have their existence and expression, are no longer there, and so their further survival and manifestation is no longer possible. What actually remains from them is “only” an information. Therefore, the deceased do not suffer, have no sorrow, nor anger, do not sympathise or celebrate"..., because they no longer possess the instruments for such processes.

All these decomposing structures are passive in relation to the living people. Even if any “communication” is established with them, this does not represent  - “a conversation between the living and the deceased”, but rather - connecting of the Vibrations of the living with the remaining vibrational-energetic structures of the deceased. All else are merely projections of the mind! Such communications are, essentially, nothing but “conversations” with one’s own self, and through help of a “medium”, meaning - an instrument in a form of the remaining Vibrations of deceased. Experiments conducted  in this field, i.e. the sessions (or the sèances) of “invoking ghosts of the dead”, or “communications” subconsciously initiated, can go as far as being able to “see” the deceased and “feel” their presence and so on, which again are only the reactions of the mind (of the living person) where all this has its beginning and its end. Sometimes such experiments can prove useful if, for instance, the information received is of such nature that it will aid the development of individual Consciousness, but on the other hand, they can also be quite harmful if they end up “feeding”, or “crippling” the mind. Sheer curiosity and mere experimenting are by no means good approaches and for this reason we simply do not advise their exploitation. There are much simpler and by far more effective methods for finding out what we need to know, and that is - directly, through addressing God with a prayer.

- Individual Consciousness - no longer manifests through the physical body, but instead, for some time, it still does so through the joint vibrational-energetic structure that is, as we have already explained earlier, formed by merging of the Light body, the aura and the Soul as well as the remaining “emotions and thoughts”, which now exist only in the form of information. Processes of decomposition of Vibrations, when viewed through the mind, can last a long time, but from an aspect of the Higher Forms of Consciousness, or rather the Divine Consciousness, they appear but as a flash.

Individual Consciousness continues with the “process within the process” in the realm of the Higher Forms of Consciousness, which is exactly where it had started. Only now it is enriched with an experience, which we can describe only as much as is based on its manifestation on the level of Vibration-Energy and matter, i.e. the life of an individual. Further “process within the process” is indescribable and impossible to follow with the mind, but it is possible to “have the Awareness” of it.

Continuing its journey as a “process within the process” in the parameters of the Higher Forms of Consciousness, Individual Consciousness as such does not manifest again on the level of Vibration-Energy and mater, because it is no longer as it used to be. “Enriched” with an experience, it continues the process within the Higher Forms of Consciousness, respectively loosing its identity. Such individual Consciousnesses (all, save the ones that have fully matured) certainly have had a particular, authentic role and influence through their process of individualisation as a part of the self-recognition of Higher Forms of Consciousness, i.e. the Divine Consciousness. This is why each and every individual Consciousness that had ever manifested in a given space and time, or rather, as part of the human race, have had a meaningful influence by the virtue of the fact that it was a Divine creation. The mind generated criteria, particularly that, which refers to something being positive or negative, good or bad for someone, or for the development of humanity as a whole, for an awakened (realised) person carries no significance, because all the processes, which take place within Divine creation, are in the function of self-recognition of Divine Consciousness.

Individual Consciousnesses that have not matured do not “return” to Earth to resume their maturing process, because they have merged into the Divine Consciousness and have lost their identity. The new manifestations of Infinite Consciousness (i.e. “new people”) through individual Consciousness (can) have the Knowledge about all previous manifestations of all previous individual Consciousnesses, the only question is in what measure will this be realised by the means of their mind - “during their life time”.

Many understand reincarnation in some of the following ways:

- By ascertaining thus: “In my past life I have been a physician”, “In one of my past lives I was an army general”, people who nourish such beliefs consider the term “I” to be synonymous to a person defined by the so called character traits, which are based on emotions and thoughts, or on the other hand they do not even think about this term. According to them, this “I” moves with them from one life to the next.

- Others think that the Soul is something which makes up their essence, and that it travels through time changing bodies from one life to the next, looking to “gain experiences” through numerous reincarnations, and so “pay off the accumulated debts”"..., and finally to complete this process and attain immortality. At the same time, such people care scarce little about what they do and how they behave in this life, finding their solace in the belief that, by the very definition of reincarnation, they will be granted other lives where, if needs must, they will make up for the mistakes made in the past and catch up with what had been overlooked and passed by. And so the picture of a separate Soul is formed (mostly identified with the term “I”) that had come to Earth to fulfil a task, which, however, those who belong to this belief system can not easily and clearly define. In this way - a consolation/illusion that, if God-realisation and a consequent end to otherwise endless chain of reincarnation does not happen in this life, there will be plenty of time for it in the next one, or the one after"... And so the irreversible damage is done, which is also present in the materialistic attitude - an aimless wasting of life and missing the precious opportunity for taking the responsibility to discover its purpose “here and now”!

Of course, it should not confuse things if one should hear that the Soul is indestructible. Then normally the terms used are “Universal Soul”, which we can take as a synonym for Infinite or Divine Consciousness, and the “individual Soul”, which in turn can be equated to an individual Consciousness. When we use the term “Soul”, we are referring to the manifestation of individual Consciousness in the form of Vibration-Energy, whose function is in being an instrument of “self-communication” as well as communication with others. So instead of saying that - individual Soul “moves”, it would be better to say that - individual Soul is in the process, because otherwise it would be easy to loose sight of the Infinite or - Divine Consciousness (universal Soul), and individual Consciousness (individual Soul) as, in truth, being - one and the same, and of the mind as the only responsible culprit for creating the illusion of separateness. Infinite Consciousness continually self-recognises through a multitude of processes; one of them is the process of individual Consciousness as the “process within the process”. Those processes that have not bore the fruits of maturity, like we said, merge into the Infinite Consciousness loosing their individuality, while certainly contributing to the continuation of the overall processes in their ever growing, ever increasing levels of complexity"...

Divine, or rather Infinite Consciousness, reincarnates through an individual process of incarnation of individual Consciousness, which we recognise as the life of an individual.

6.5. Development of individual Consciousness

Development of individual Consciousness can end in:

- maturing of individual Consciousness, and

- merging in Infinite Consciousness.

6.5.1. Maturing of individual Consciousness

Maturing of individual Consciousness can occur - during one’s life, at the time of dying, or after death.

a) During one’s life

When we speak of those individuals whose Consciousness had matured, throughout the course of human history until the present day, in the vast majority of cases this happened while they were still alive. Primarily, such people were:

- those devoted to God - such individuals have dedicated their attention, their feelings and thoughts towards Him, they were the God-seekers (Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi, St. Augusts"...), then

- artists - who would during their artistic creativity often enter the state of a so called “flow”, that is - surrendering, and so they used to awaken their mind until the total maturing of Consciousness (Leonardo da Vinci, Volfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov, Valter Gropius"...), as well as

- scientists - who, through immersing themselves into the processes of scientific research, had brought themselves into a state of rapture similar to that “flow” and in so doing have awakened the mind (Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Paracelzus, Archimedes"...).

It is important to note that the above categories are very general and conditional, since in almost all cases there was a combination of processes: the scientists would also be the devotees, the artists - scientists, etc.

b) At the time of dying

With a phrase - “time of dying”, we refer to a period from several minutes to, even up to, several months before the so called physical death. In specific circumstances, such as the very old age, awaiting an execution, many persons realise the inevitability of death. Some of them, and primarily by addressing God through prayers, as something - sole and final that remains for them to do, accelerate the awakening of their mind. In so transcending the “false self”, i.e. their attachment to the mind and body, the process of individualisation of Consciousness is often being sped up and consequently it ends in maturity, or rather in Oneness with God. Such was the case with Joan of Arc, Duke Lazar, Giordano Bruno, Carl Gustav Jung, Leo N. Tolstoy, etc.

c) After death

Just to recap, after “physical death” (which is most often noted by the stopping of the breathing, the heart beat and the brain), what remain are:

- the process of individualisation of Consciousness as the “process within the process” and

- a joint vibrational-energetic structure comprised of a transformed mind (information about emotions and thoughts that can no longer manifest as they no longer have the instruments for doing so - the senses and the brain), Soul, an aura and Light body.

Considering that an individual no longer has all the instruments for self-recognition (so, there is no physical body and with it the senses), a further process of maturing can continue exclusively with the help of the conscious and subconscious actions of the “living” people:

- through prayers (for the deceased to find their way to God - the so called prayers for the Soul"...),

- by directing the emotions and thoughts towards the deceased (through thinking and talking about them),

- by arousing the Vibrations via the works they left behind (for example, listening to operas composed by R. Wagner will trigger in the lovers of this composer’s works such Vibrations, which will beneficially affect the process of his individualisation of Consciousness; similarly with “Dostoevski” - the Vibrations that arise with the careful readers and fans of his works will also have a beneficial effect on “his” process of individualisation, etc.)

It is important to know that it is impossible to define:

- the minimum level of development (maturity) and harmony of the remainder of Vibrations of the deceased, as well as

- how long and with what intensity would the “living” people need to act in order for the process of maturing of any such individual Consciousness to continue and complete. During our up to date development as humanity, the success of such cases, when the “living” through their actions enable the maturing of some individual Consciousness - a “post mortem”, can boast but a very small number. Such were the fates of Richard Wagner, Alexander S. Puskin, Fyodor Mihailovich Dostoevski, Johan Sebastian Bach, Pablo Picaso, etc. (some of the deceased artists, scientists and spiritual seekers are still in the process of maturing and whose outcome is therefore still uncertain and as such depends upon the relationship of the living towards the works they have left behind"...) Perhaps the most interesting for us are the destinies of those whom today’s living, may they be of the same and/or of different national and religious background, still actively debate as to the quality, i.e. the beneficence/harmfulness of their “lives and works”. But, about that another time.

6.5.2. Merging into Infinite Consciousness

All Consciousnesses that have not matured (so far in humanity’s development these make up more than 99%!) end their process of individualisation by merging into Infinite Consciousness, or rather the Higher Forms of Consciousness, while loosing their individual characteristics.

The joint vibrational-energetic structure made up of - a transformed mind, Soul, an aura and Light body, “returns” to the source from whence it came, this being - the Higher Energetic Structures, i.e. the programs of the Higher Forms of Consciousness. Disintegration of Vibrations of this joint, unifying structure, together with its re-emergence with Higher Energetic Structures, is only a part of a much wider process of merging of individual Consciousness into Infinite Consciousness. Thus, the two seemingly separate processes - deconstitution of a joint structure and - merging of individual Consciousness, are in fact - a sole unique process like a flash.

Merging of individual Consciousness can not be defined as a negative process (“he had not succeeded in life”), because every process of individualisation of Consciousness is a Divine Creation, which has its own meaning and importance in the overall process of self-recognition of the Higher Forms of Consciousness, i.e. of the Divine Consciousness, and as such it contributes to the unfoldment of this perfect process in a sense of it becoming “ ever more perfect”"...

7. Reprogramming of karma

Under a term reprogramming of karma we assume the process of harmonising of individual Consciousness with Infinite Consciousness (Higher Forms of Consciousness, Divine Consciousness), while retaining the individuality. The process is initiated by the mind, but it unfolds outside of it - in the realm of Infinite Consciousness, so that a Union of Infinite Consciousness and individual Consciousness, since it is outside the possibility of understanding, can not be described, nor can it be proven.

Scheme no. 6 - Mind in the function of manifesting and reprogramming of karma

The essence of reprogramming of karma is to, through the process of awakening the mind, awaken and realise one’s own true nature and so transform one’s life. With the help of Knowledge and Love, time and space are enabled to become increasingly more condensed until the level of their disappearance and the “entry” into timelessness and formlessness.

In our books we have given a detailed approach to meditation that is based on addressing God in prayer and on lowering-levelling of the brain waves, all of which we have also applied to the reprogramming of karma. The following meditations can also be used by those who are not familiar with this whole meditation system, although naturally, with such individuals the effects will be considerably lower.

Note: This last statement should, by no means, be understood as the one of elitism, but as the note of a natural difference in familiarity and ability levels and a subsequent results between - someone who is just beginning to gather experience in the  practise, from - someone who already possesses the sufficient amount (here we refer to the quality of, as well as the hours of practise applied) of these for it to prove as being significant in the above context.  

7.1. Global processes

Prayer: “I pray to God to reprogram my karma.”

Visualisation: not necessary.

Duration: a) every day - once, 5-10 minutes non-stop

b) every day - several times a day, 5-10 minutes non-stop

c) several hours long meditation that is practised for several days, after which the intensity gradually lessens

Note: The approach /option (c)/ we do not recommend to practitioners without many years of experience.

Reprogramming of karma should be practised “as much as needed”, and until the process becomes automatic, a duration of which can not be defined like for example - “several months”,  “several years” or “one’s whole life”. There is no criteria for this kind of practise, since spirituality can not be measured. Having awakened (one’s own) existence, man transcends the influences of hindering factors to manifestation of karma and becomes merely an observer of the process of individualisation of (one’s own) Consciousness.

Reprogramming of karma can also be affected with the prayers, which we have already stated in our books:

- “I pray to God to mature my Consciousness.”

- “I pray to God to awaken my mind.”

- “I pray to God to harmonise my Consciousness with the Divine Consciousness.”

- “I pray to God to synchronise my Vibrations of Consciousness and my Genetic code.”

- “I pray to God to reprogram my process of individualisation of Consciousness.”

However, using the word “karma” has an associative-initiatic role, because it contains information which initiates the awakening of Knowledge through the Collective Consciousness. This Knowledge is the result of experiences of all those who have ever  thought-meditated-prayed on the subject, or who have used the word “karma” while even as much as intuitively beginning to see the basis of its true meaning. In this way will those meditations, in which the prayers (or pleas) are being directed to God and contain the word “karma”, have a greater efficiency, which up to date experience of meditators has proven to be correct.

7.2. Individual processes

Reprogramming of individual karmic processes does not mean that they are isolated, but on the contrary, that they are the part of a whole, and that thus affecting them eases an overall process of reprogramming of karma. We will offer few examples:

- “I pray to God to (Please God,"...) reprogram the karmic causes of my attachment to the false self.”

- “I pray to God to reprogram the karmic causes of my attachment to power (or state what particular form of power).”

- “I pray to God to reprogram the karmic causes of my attachment to spirituality as a goal.”

- “I pray to God to reprogram the karmic causes of my attachment to fear of"... (state the type of fear).”

- “I pray to God to reprogram the karmic causes of heart attack (ulcer, headache,"...)”.

- “I pray to God to reprogram the karmic causes of difficult communication with my sister (brother, boss,"...).”

The prayers for solving the various karmic problems need to be addressed daily, and each should be done for several minutes at a time. It is recommended to apply oneself to this approach for as long as needed for the problems to be resolved, or until it becomes apparent that their resolution has begun, after which the process usually continues even without prayers, automatically. It is impossible to accurately define the time needed for solving a problem by meditation, but when it is the case of healing an ailment, the first significant results can be noticed already after several days, depending on the number of repeated prayers within one day.


God, as the supreme and the only reality, is eternally both - in the state of being (“oneself”) and in the state of infinite manifestation. Infinite Consciousness is one of His manifestations. It continually reincarnates (karma) through a multitude of processes of self-recognition, one of which being the process of individualisation of Consciousness (individual karma).

*  *  *

Infinite Consciousness continually reincarnates as a global process, and it incarnates as the individual “process within the process”, i.e. - Individual Consciousness. It begins and ends as a mere flash in Infinite Consciousness and, through incarnating in a given time and space, as individual life.

The process of expression (manifestation) of individual karma is besieged with numerous hindering factors (negative Vibrations), but also with the processes of the mind, which, by identifying a man or a woman with their emotions and thoughts, then with their aura, Light body, Soul and physical body, form a “false self”, thus removing him or her further away from their essence - God within.

God is the only Reality, and all else is a non-reality (“illusion”), and so are His manifestations, the Infinite Consciousness (Higher Forms of Consciousness, i.e. Divine Consciousness) within which karma and individual karma unfold – as an illusion.

Through maturing of individual Consciousness one realises God within, as well as oneself as God, which once it happens, allows for the transcendence (overcoming) of karma, and on “leaving” the physical body all that survives of life is the realisation of its  illusiveness"...