The subject of the goal of man’s life can be approached and defined from various angles: philosophical, religious, psychological, or through some other thinking system. As for the approach presented here, it is not possible for us to attribute it to any one of the above. It equally can not be defined with the terms such as: esoteric, mystic, hermetic, etc. In the process of forming our own definition of the answer to this problem as we see and experience it, we were unable to choose any of the many already existing definitions and solutions, such as:

“Being one with God.”
“To realise God within.”
“To know God within.”
“Being in oneness with God.”
“Being one with the Creator.”
“To realise the Creator within.”
“To self-realise.”
“To realise oneself.”
“To be Reality.”
“To be what we are.”
“To realise the state: I am that I am.”
“To realise Truth.”
“To realise Love.”
“To awaken.” 

Each one of the above syntagmas is, as a definition of the meaning of life, acceptable only to a certain extent, since each of them, to a greater or a lesser degree does reflect the truth. However, no one definition is able to escape the constraints of the mind, which created it as a reaction to the realisation of the meaning of life, and so as such, it remains subjective and insufficiently clear concept to be taken as all-encompassing (i.e. final). Even if formulated by a genius, such a description would still be just a description. It is these very limitations of the mind, itself being just another manifestation of Consciousness, that restrict us also in arriving at the optimal solution. So, since we did not want to add yet another definition to the list of “not optimal” ones just for the sake of having “our own” definition pinned onto it, we have chosen to leave this answer undefined. This seemed to us  to be the only available option, since the very act of  defining something means to give it a finite rule, a final conclusion, and on the level of the mind, we simply can not see this as a valid option for the subject at hand. Therefore, the stance given in this book that the purpose-goal of human life is: To reach the state of union with the Creator, Oneness with Reality, i.e. God…, ought to be viewed as purely and exclusively a personal realisation, and as such retold as a suggestion only (and not as a ready to ingest product of intellectual speculation in the form of a suggestively necessary – definition). So hence, without formally conditioning the said indivisible answer to the question – What is the purpose of human life? - by the letters of intelligence, we would instead , by leaving that space blank, like to invite each seeker to fill it in with their own silent, de-finitive  answer, as it arises as the fruit of addressing God through prayers of gratitude, as well as through all other prayers in their meditations.

The question of the purpose (the goal) of life opens the whole line of other questions, such as: Who am I?... What is man?... What is life?, and so on. Considering that in their essence the answers to such questions are rooted “outside the mind”, it is not possible to give them in their entirety. What is possible however, at least to some degree, is to point out the processes that take place “inside man”, “through man” or “with the help of man”. But first, in order to understand these processes better, it is necessary to explain the terms “Reality”, “Creator” and “ALL”.

“Reality” – is a word we use and refer to as having the same meaning as the word God; it does not relate to the world known to us thorough our senses or through that, which we may otherwise perceive (for example the visible and invisible Cosmos, intelligence, knowledge, birth, death, etc.), but rather to something that is “outside” and “beyond” these, intransient, undiscovered, unsaid, undefined…

“Creator” – a word adopted as the one that best describes one of the expressions of God (Reality), and as such is based on observations of its manifestations; it is the source of the All-pervading Creation. [1] When viewed in this way, the difference between God and Creator becomes more apparent.

“ALL” – or even “Infinite ALL” [2] is an expression we used to describe all the manifestations of the Creator, and also of God. This expression can be closer defined through the following expressions: Infinite Existence, Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Creation, or else Love, Knowledge and Power. All the many processes in the said “Infinities” are taking place within the above three. Thus, all processes manifest on the following relation: 


These very same processes, as well as their combinations (dimensions) [3] , unfold also in man. Therefore, man is a unity of Consciousness, Vibration, Energy and Matter. And yet, the sum total of all these processes can not define human beings in their entirety, but can only point at the manifestations that are happening within them, and whose source is the Creator, or better still - Reality.

Reality is all there is, and all that arise from it are merely manifestations, which we perceive and realise to a greater or a lesser degree. Since manifestations are not Reality, they are by definition an illusion. And in order to reach the goal - that is the Reality, we must overcome them – go beyond them. That means overcoming, or going past and beyond Infinite Existence, Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Creation, i.e. past and beyond Love, Knowledge and Power. 

To overcome Infinite Existence means that Existence – is not, and that Reality – is.

To overcome Infinite Consciousness means that Consciousness – is not, and that Reality – is.

To overcome Infinite Creation means that Creation – is not, and that Reality – is.

To overcome Love means that Love – is not, and that Reality – is.

To overcome Knowledge means that Knowledge – is not, and that Reality – is.

To overcome Power means that Power – is not, and that Reality - is. 

The goal is for the state of Reality to be achieved consciously, i.e. to reach the state “I am Creator”, or more accurately – “I am Reality”. This means being one’s own goal and creation.

However, man can not reach the state of Reality since there is actually nothing to reach; man is already in Reality, or rather man is the Reality. Infinite manifestations–illusions, such as Consciousness, Vibration, Energy and Matter and their combinations (dimensions, primarily space and time), can present either an obstruction or an aid in our grasping of Reality, depending on an individual. To look at it from another perspective, the state of connectedness, or the state of oneness with Reality, can not be reached because we are already in it, i.e. we are that Reality. Those who can not accept that they and Reality are one, can not do so because of their identification with the “me-mind” and of the experience of the mind-based perception of Reality as being the actual essence. This is why the greatest of all human values that could ever be attained is to be conscious of Reality in man, i.e. to be one with Reality.

Therefore, the goal of human life is ultimately to be one with Reality, that is - to be the Reality itself, which in itself is a goal without a goal. The idea that there is no goal means that everything is already here, “in us”. That is why no one, other than ourselves, can “bring” us to it. Various meditation methods, prayers, life styles, then science, religion and so on, can not solve the question of the meaning of life, although they can help. That ability is only given to an individual.

Whatever goal an individual may put before themselves, given it strays outside the parameters of the greater goal to realise a direct relationship with the Creator, or rather the Reality, simply looses its meaning. Essentially speaking, if it is not there to serve the function of the primal, basic goal – realising the Reality in one’s own self – it leads one into a conflict with oneself and so it disables one’s spiritual development. So essentially speaking, the wellbeing and prosperity of a family, town, country, as well as successes in one’s field of activity and so on, have as their goal continuation of the development in Creation, awakening to Reality, realising of harmony with the Reality… (Rather – it ought to be realised as such and “adhered” to.)

In order for an individual Consciousness to recognise, during its striving towards self-recognition, the Reality in itself, it needs to learn to differentiate the Reality from non-Reality and so make the Reality in itself increasingly an ever more conscious state. All the while, there are three mutually connected processes-goals that are always present: 

-          self-search, achieved through meditation,

-          transfer of Knowledge, which speaks of the service to man kind and

-          healing, at the root of which is Love towards the Creator. 

a) Self-search – a process of self-examination and exploration of the major questions: “Who am I?”, “Who is asking the question who am I?”, and others, such as: “Where do I come from?”, “When will I attain the state of Reality?”... Since it is the mind that asks the questions and thus “feeds” itself, this means that it is the mind that needs to be harmonised with the search (through the state of flow) [4] . The mind thus gets submerged in Reality, and for a while it is not in a position to “come alive” again. The final goal is for the mind to remain without questions. Since Reality is beyond the concept of “space” and “time”, it is not important when the self-search will be complete. One seeks Reality in oneself and yet the very process of individualisation of Consciousness is leading one there, although in the end there is actually no process at all, since this too is an illusion “without which one can go no where”, but which does not exist always, while Reality is eternal.

The process of self-search represents an expression of Infinite Creation (Power). 

b) Transfer of Knowledge – expresses itself in the level of consciousness of the actual process of passing on the Knowledge. There are various possibilities for Knowledge transfer to take place: discourses and lectures, attending courses, reading, etc. Still, outside these, as a special form, is the most important form of the transfer of Knowledge – the transfer through one’s very being (presence, existence). It takes place through exchange of Vibrations between individual Consciousnesses that are connected to each other via Infinite Consciousness. This process unfolds without involvement of the mind. A realisation that by our very existence we assert the transfer of knowledge is the crucial factor. For example, while a teacher is explaining the concepts of spirituality, of the meditation techniques or is answering questions, what is of a far greater importance is the transfer of Knowledge by his/hers very existence (“learning from a teacher’s silence”).

The process of transfer of Knowledge is an expression of Infinite Consciousness (Knowledge).


c) Healing – is expressed as harmonisation of relationships in various dimensions of Existence (of man):

-          self-healing as a relationship between Vibrations of Consciousness and the Genetic code, Consciousness and mind, Consciousness and subConsciousness, Consciousness and Soul, etc.

-          mutual relationships of people’s Vibrations, their exchange, as well as their connectedness through the Higher Forms of Consciousness,

-          unifying individual Consciousness with the Collective Conscious of humanity (primarily with the Mature Consciousnesses and structures created by them).

-          unifying of individual Consciousness with Higher Forms of Consciousness and their manifestations. 

At the end of this process comes the unity with Reality, which is without dimensions.

Healing is the process that is realised through experiencing others in oneself and oneself in others and through becoming aware of Reality in oneself as well as in others. This is achieved through love that is free from the “terms and conditions” based approach.

Love towards God (Reality) opens only general possibilities, while all the other concrete processes that lead towards maturing of Consciousness one must ultimately fight for and figure out by oneself.

The process of healing expresses Infinite Existence, i.e. Love as the universal harmony. 

* * * 

The maturing of Consciousness, whose final goal is Mature Consciousness itself, always takes place through the processes of self-search, transfer of Knowledge and healing. These are present in each individual in varying degrees relatively speaking, which also shift and change over time. For example, in a certain period self-search is more important than the transfer of Knowledge or the healing. In the period that follows however, the healing could be more important than the other two, and so on. For each person it is possible to determine a relative inter-relatedness of these processes, which makes the choice of one’s direction in spiritual development easier.  And yet, one ought to keep in mind the basic process, and that is the process of individualisation of Consciousness, which ends with the Mature Consciousness and the attainment of the “goal without a goal”, or in other words – in realising oneself as Reality.

[1] - Other aspects of observing the manifestations of God are the “preserver” (“maintainer”) as well as the “destroyer” (“annihilator”).

[2] - See: “Maturing of Consciousness” – the second re-edited and extended edition, by Zoran and Milica Gruicic, yuTOPagencija, Novi Sad, 2001, pg. 117-181.

[3] - Dimensions are various manifestations of Infinite Creation, Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Existence which contain in them varied ratios between: Consciousness, Vibration, Energy and Matter.

[4] - “Flow” – an egoless state created by one’s total absorption in whatever activity one is engaged in at that moment. See “Flow, The Psychology of Optimal Experience”, Harper Perennial, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 1990